Wednesday 30 January 2013

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

Sales is my favourite time of the year. Thank goodness it comes twice, unlike Christmas.

Got these amazing ruby ballet flats by Jil Sander off The Outnet a couple of weeks ago.

Given the fact that I wear my red-coloured flats almost more than my black ones, these may not last long. But they will sure get a pretty neat cost-per-wear.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve this time found me in a completely different place than all the previous times. A casino near Iowa City in IA, USA.

Change is good. It's the push you need in order to take some distance from the hectic life that you're living and re-evaluate things. Yes, I'm talking about myself.

This past year I've been far more absent from this blog and the community around it, than I'd like to allow myself to be. I missed deadlines, post opportunities, fun events and moments with my blogger friends. Most of the time I was just too damn tired to even turn on the laptop when I came home at night. Just like the phrase I like to use from time to time in a pathetic effort to excuse myself, I'm so backblogged it's not even funny any more. 

But life is life, work is work and this blog is still just a hobby, just like it started out to be in the first place and just the way I want it to be. And that's why I won't give it up. Because I don't view it as something that needs to be done, but as something that I enjoy doing, whenever I have the time and energy.

That's why, as time passes, we have to learn how to say no to the not so important and irrelevant stuff, in order to have the resources, energy and inspiration to say yes to those things that really matter. And I guess that's my New Year's Resolution.

Happy New Year!