Friday 31 December 2010

Last days

I should probably call this my "time flies" ring.

And did I mention that Spyros is having a blast here in Samos?

Yesterday's outfit, quite representative of what I've been wearing these last few days of 2010 while being back home for the holidays.

I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of new year's resolutions. If you really want to change something in your life, the different number on the date won't really matter. But, since it's that time of the year again and everyone else is blurting out theirs, here are my own resolutions for the future: Less shopping and more DIY projects, less going-out and more staying in and appreciating my lovely home, less lazying around and more getting things done. Oh, and wearing more lipstick.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Grey t-shirt, ZARA. Black cardigan and beige/maroon scarf, BERSHKA. Black leather belt, vintage. Taupe skirt, H&M. Maroon tights, MARKS & SPENCER. Grey socks, borrowed from my dad. Gold angel wing ring, ASOS. Taupe leather boots, ZARA.

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Polyhedral compounds

They are cool and they introduce architectural design practices into fashion.

Some examples:This dress by Amila Hrustic via Foundshit.

These hats by House of Architects found via Today And Tomorrow.

This dress by 132 5. Issey Miyake that expands from a two-dimensional folded piece of cloth into a 3D garment, found via Dezeen.

This photo by Mario Sorrenti found in Touchpuppet showing Raquel Zimmermann wearing this Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Haute Couture creation (big thanks to Sandman who identified it for me so I could link it).

This shoe by Andreia Chaves called "The Invisible Shoe" in a photo by Fernando Biagioni found in Yatzer.

This wolf shirt that, part of THE T-SHIRT ISSUE project by Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski.

This shoe called Lo Res by United Nude, a brand that is co-designed by Dutch architect Rem D. Koolhaas as previously mentioned in this post.

This collaboration between fashion brand Fendi and architectural studio Aranda\Lasch at Design Miami titled Modern Primitives, found via this post by youstrikemefancy.

This dress presented by Irina Shaposhnikova from her collection called Crystallographica, in a backstage photo by Sonny Vandevelde found via Today and Tomorrow.

The first pic of this post is a detail from this collection.

Sunday 26 December 2010


No, the cat didn't come with the couch. They just look like they were made for each other. In all aspects.

Saturday 25 December 2010

The story of my DElight

Last year I grabbed the chance to get my own DElight.

The story behind that decision is very simple actually. To award myself for all those years of hard work in architecture school - and inspired by this post by Haritini - I decided to buy a dress by my favourite designers to wear in my graduation ceremony that took place last December.
It was a no-brainer, really. I had my eye on that dress ever since I attended the girls' AW2009-2010 show, so I called, I told them I wanted to buy that particular design, I went to their workspace, I tried on the sample and two weeks later I was called to collect my new dress.

That simple.

If you're wondering how much it cost and if it was worth it, here are my thoughts on that matter: There's really no reason for us to believe that designer clothes should be reserved for showbiz stars and brides only, when there are so many local designers that are actually affordable. Especially when there's is a special occasion in mind. On the money question, I spent the same amount I would have spent if I had chose a dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs. But mine was unique, made sur mesure, here in Greece, by people I know and admire.
Made that day back then a little bit extra special. As well as this one and this one and several others that I have no pictures to show for...

Why am I telling this year one year later? For starters, I am known to be a terrible procrastinator. But also because this year, right now as we speak, you have the chance to own your own DElight too.
The girls behind the label, Evi Retziou and Daphne Iliaki, have put together a pop-up boutique in six d.o.g.s. that will be open only for this weekend (Saturday, December 25th 18:00-2:00 and Sunday, December 26th 16:00-00:00) and will include pieces from their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection and from previous ones, all in special prices.

Unfortunately for this one, I'm already back home with the family in Samos, but if you happen to be in Athens for this weekend, don't miss the chance. Go there, listen to the music, meet the girls, feel the clothes, maybe even splurge on something special that you will cherish forever. I'll make it next time.

Friday 24 December 2010


What it says above. Merry whatever you're celebrating.

[image from 9gag via in web we trust]

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Backstage the Toi&moi photoshot

Thalia enjoying the pampering.

Maddie snacking.

Actually, we were all snacking most if the time.

Our darling photographer Konstantinos.

Nells doing the Blue Steel.

Always joyful Elena.

Thalia's bling-bling having coffee.

Me learning that I'm actually crap at applying eyeliner.

Eliza rocking the yeti boots.

Just trying to pose for a decent picture.

Kirsten looking all modelly and pro.

Me trying not to appear completely crap...

...glad I had some help with that.

Wrapping it up.

These photos might be a few weeks old, but you can surely understand why I couldn't keep them just sitting in my hard drive. Had to post them!

This is only a part of the backstage action. As mentioned here, you can see all fifteen of us fashion bloggers modeling Toi&moi clothes in the For Fashionistas e-shop section, but don't forget to check each of their blogs separately for more trivia and backstage pics.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Got my attention

This is an ad for GHD.

If all ads were half as amazing as this one, I wouldn't mind them trying to push stuff through my credit card bill.

Along with Fashion Show by Google, another great example of viral advertising targeted to women consumers. Why it works so well? I have two words for all of you marketers, advertising professionals and new media experts out there: It's pure, unapologetic eye candy.

[via amazing limbo fonto video inspiration blog]

Monday 20 December 2010

I styled it, they shot it, you can now buy it

At last, my dress is stocked and available to buy online! And let me tell you, it felt like it was made for me.

Almost knee length (which is what I always go for, short hems don't agree with my legs and my height) sporting a modest keyhole decolletage with attached bow tie, and in an amazing warm green colour. Not to mention, it should be perfect for those holiday family parties when you typically start the night wearing something corset-tight and you end up dreaming of your elasticized waist sweatpants mid-dinner. Well girls, this dress is fancy and HAS an elasticized waist! And it's silk chiffon, so I find that the €69 price is right.
It's only been uploaded earlier today, so both sizes (SMALL and MEDIUM) should still available for now. And before you start complaining on why there's no LARGE size option, let me just tell you, I'm actually wearing the SMALL in that picture. Which I really shouldn't be able to do, but I do. So it goes without saying, it has some give.

Next to the dress, under the COMPETE THE LOOK feature, is the statement necklace I styled it with.
What was quite funny that at the photoshot was that all the girls were keep asking me if it's attached. It's not, but it goes perfectly good together with the dress, so it felt right to wear them that way. Even though the necklace gets partially covered by the bow tie, I still love the way it all turned out.

Let me remind you that the Toi&moi e-FASHION STORE ships in Greece by courier for free, so if you're still struggling to find that perfect Christmas Eve dress and those damn transportation strikes in Athens are giving you a hard time, online shopping is a nice option to have in mind.

Happy e-shopping!
P.S. The backstage pics post is coming right next!

Sunday 19 December 2010

Giving, reusing, having fun

At the swap-NOT-shop party earlier today.

I didn't swap this time, but boy other people did! And they really seemed to enjoy the whole giving attitude and making stuff useful again. Plus, finding something to keep for yourself is always a great perk.
Yes, this is a giant hand dangling from the balcony. It was the first time the party took place in ATOPOS and what a successful pairing that was. Loved the playful feeling of the place, it really clicked with the swap-NOT-swap attitude.

One of the three masterminds behind the whole effort, Thalia.
Seriously girl, congrats!

You can learn more about swapping, the girls and the philosophy behind the parties they organize over at and their FB group. Till next time!

Saturday 18 December 2010

Christmas SHOPing

Last night at the SHOP112A Xmas party.

The festive window. Read a lot more about it chez Alecca. The mannequin is wearing this season's special trinket/tree ornament/pendant that SHOP112A has issued to help the efforts of MSF Greece.

Architect Bela Louloudaki who designed the necklace and SHOP buyer Mara Anastasiadi, both wearing the white version.

This multi-functional ornament costs 15 euros and comes in teal, red, gold and white. All profits from its sales go towards Medicins Sans Frontiers and their initiative to help children with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Got myself the teal one. A smartly priced, dual-purpose, architect-designed, pretty thing for a noble cause? How could I not?
Other than SHOP112A, Ermou street, it is also available in SHOP's concessions in Attica Department Store Athens. And if you're not much of a downtown person, worry not, you can also buy it in Attica Golden Hall as well as Holmes Place in Athens and Maroussi.

Friday 17 December 2010

ASOS shipped free

My latest parcel - shipped for free from ASOS - contained (clockwise from left) toy soldier pendant, gold angel wing ring, triple drop earrings, engraved clamp bangle, kissing birds and heart necklace plus some holiday gifts that won't be posted here. Gifts are supposed to be surprises, remember?

The free worldwide shipping offer ends this Sunday at midnight, so if you don't wanna pull a Cinderella, you'd better hurry up!

Thursday 16 December 2010

Army, floral and lace-trimmed silk

That lace-trimmed grey silk slip peeking from underneath the skirt's hem isn't just for decorative purposes. It's actually because the skirt is lined with white cotton gauze, which is meant to be worn with bare legs. Worn in winter, it would totally ride up to my waist due to friction. Not a good look.

But worn with a slippery silky layer preventing friction by separating it from leggings or opaque tights, means problem solved!
Army green parka, BERSHKA. Floral skirt, KOTON. Grey silk slip layered underneath, BENETTON. Black extra-long leggings, PULL&BEAR. Grey round-toe maryjanes, LA STRADA. Brown tote bag, MANGO.