Tuesday 29 October 2013

A leopard pony that's actually a cow

Before I make my excuses for the confusing title, let me just say that I'm going through a phase of feeling bored of my usual white background for shoting shoe pictures. Therefore, I'm trying to spice it up by using colourful furniture and other stuff I find laying around at home. Hope you don't mind.

Onto the shoes. Aren't those leopard print pumps amazing?

They are my first animal print shoes to own ever and they're also seriously comfortable to wear.

I wasn't actively going for the pony skin look (which in this case is a figure of speech, as the material these are made of is cowhide) but I found them at the Zara end-of-season sale last February and got them at a ridiculous price.

Speaking of last season, isn't it great that some brands have started marking their products with the year and season of make? I've always loved to remember exactly when I bought a certain thing (it was one of the reasons I started this blog) and that makes it so much easier, even if an item gets passed along to a friend or swapped.

I've already worn them with a forest green dress and I got pics taken that day, so keep coming back for those.

Saturday 26 October 2013

Shooting vintage at McArthurGlen

If you are folowing me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, listen to the radio, read fashion blogs, and generally don't live under a rock, you are already aware of the awsomeness that has come straight from Florence, Italy to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in Athens, Greece.

Yes, I'm talking about the Vintage Festival that is happening as we speak. Once again this year, world-famous vintage collector A.N.G.E.L.O. gathered his amazing collection and set a pop-up vintage boutique inside McArthurGlen, giving us the chance to own unique pieces, made to the standards of another era.

Like this coat above. You know how heavy and luxurious that thing was? Pure wool, amazing constraction, great quality.

Coat by italian label Baratte, 300€. Croc-like leather bag, 45€. Velvet dress, 60€.

The ruby red velvet dress had no label, meaning it was someone's custom order, made by an independent italian tailor. And it's only 60€. For a one-of-a-kind, italian-made velvet dress. Isn't this what vintage shopping is all about?

If you are equally excited, don't take your time. The Vintage Festival will be on until November 3rd, which means you only have one week left! If you need more information, head over at the McArthurGlen website, where you can also participate to win a vintage Chanel bag. Ooh-la-la!

Also, don't be afraid to bring your boyfriends. Even if they don't find something at the menswear section of the Vintage Festival, you can always drop the line "darling, I heard they also have a vintage car exhibition just around the corner" and enjoy some time to shop vintage in peace.

The cars from the Hellenic Motor Museum will keep him company. And the good thing is, only the clothes are for sale.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Under-served makes you feel undeserving?

I just read this piece of news that made my skin crawl:

A young man in New York entered luxury department store Barneys and bought a Ferragamo belt, paying with his debit card, ID and all. Upon exiting the store, he was stopped by two undercover NYPD officers, who handcuffed him and took him into custody for about 2 hours. The store clerk had called the police to report that the card "must be" stolen. Why? Because he was a black young man, trying to spend his money in expensive fashion, and that looked suspicious. He was released after his card turned out fine, returned the belt at Barneys vowing never to shop there again and filed a big fat law-suit.

It wasn't too long ago that we were equally disgusted by the Oprah incident in Switzerland, when a luxury handbag store clerk refused to let her see a specific bag she asked for, because "she couldn't possibly afford it".

And of course, I couldn't possibly write all this, without a mention to the Pretty Woman classic shopping scene.

Now, if I want to speak for more familiar situations, then I have to tell you that in Athens, Greece there's even no need for racial prejudice to be involved.

We can all rely on Kolonaki salesgirls to make us feel like rubbish. For non-Greeks reading this, Kolonaki is the luxury shopping district with the most obnoxious sales people ever to click their heels on shiny boutique marble floors.

I've heard numerous stories from friends and acquaintances that would make Vivian Ward's skin crawl. And not just in Kolonaki or high-end stores. I've been given the "you don't deserve to be here" attitude in a Fornarina shop in the suburbs. And I even bought a belt from them that day. Funny coincidence, no?

However, what I discovered once, during a super-secret mission at the Gucci boutique in Kolonaki that turned into an experiment, is that if you have an attitude blasting "I'm not fooling around here" right from the begining, chances are no-one will doubt you.

For those of you who don't remember this post, back in December 2009 I was working as an architect renovating a boutique in Athens, and my client had asked me to find out the proper size of a luxury store's fitting rooms. Basically, he literally told me "go into a boutique in Kolonaki and measure the damn thing" so I did. Of course, I couldn't just march in and say "hi, can I measure your fitting room" so instead I entered Gucci with the attitude of a shipping dynasty heiress and asked for "a little something to wear at a wedding". That "little something" was a crystal-covered drapé dress worth about 4,000€.

I tried it on, took a pic, measured the fitting room and exited, mumbling to the shopping assistant "hmm, I guess that looks nice enough, I'll come back along with my mother, as this is a family wedding" in my best nonchalant tone - like I do this all the time, daaaahling - and left. It was revelating how different the shop assistant's initial approach changed, as soon as she realised I had an attitude bigger than hers.

So, now that I've shared my own share, it's your turn. In Greece or abroad, in an expensive or not too expensive store, has bad service ever made you feel you didn't deserve to shop there? In other words, have you ever had a "pretty woman moment" in real life?

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Reebok Classics presents "My City Story"

Reebok Classics collaborated with OZON Raw to create #ReebokClassics_MyCityStory campaign and threw one of those amazing parties last night to celebrate. Well, all I needed was an excuse to wear my new shoes around downtown.

My City Story is all about 8 people living in the city and getting inspired by it to follow their own dream:

Graffiti artist and gallery owner Ser, photographer Ioanna Chatziandreou, beatboxers WOM, eyewear designer Elizabeth Leau, mixologist Yiannis Korovesis and DJing duo Amateurboyz.

With Nefeli Vitzilaiou from the Civitas team. Seriously one of the coolest PR people out there at the moment.

And this is Ser, one of the My City Story ambassadors and an old friend back from my graffiti days. 

As for the rest of my outfit:
Parka, SUITEBLANCO. Trompe-l'œil dress, OASIS via ASOS. Red floral scarf, ZARA. Cobalt blue backpack, ALDO. Trainers, Keith Haring x REEBOK CLASSICS.

Monday 21 October 2013

Mascara, red lipstick & perfume

As winter finally approaches, I find myself moving towards more luxurious beauty procucts. You know the deal. Heavier formulas, deeper colours, more complex scents.

Good thing the Giorgio Armani Beauty people had the exact same thoughts in mind and sent over the ultimate beauty SOS kit of cute mini samples. I mean, if we really want to play minimalists, mascara, red lipstick & perfume are all we need.

Eyes To Kill exceptional volume mascara

Rouge Ecstacy excess moisture rich lipstick in 400

Si eau de parfum, with base notes of vanilla and patchuli

Thursday 17 October 2013

Last of the summery

These past few weeks were probably the last chance we had to get summer out of our systems. Much like the dress in my previous outfit post, this one usually gets worn during this transitional season. 

Silk is too flimsy to wear in winter as a single layer, quarter sleeves and collar make it too hot during summer, but it is just perfect for autumn and spring.

Oh, and excuse the wrinkles. Wearing a seatbelt while driving does to clothes that I'm afraid. Still, always wear a seatbelt guys, it's totally worth the wrinkly dress.

Navy blue silk dress, MASSIMO DUTTI. Purple necklace, TOI&MOI. Purple peep-toes, ZARA.

BTW, these photos were taken at the bloggers' preview of Marks&Spencer's Britain's Leading Ladies campaign that launched earlier this season. You can probably tell by seeing us all trying on coats over bare legs and sandals.

Along with Elena, Eleni and Despina

It might have been a bit too early to snug a coat from the collection back then in mid-September, but having recently paid a visit at the Marks&Spencer store in Ermou, I saw that some of the pieces - like the navy blue bouclé coat and the red pea coat - are still available. If you see your perfect winter coat up there, better hurry up. They won't get restocked.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

All the 80's classics

Released early this year, the Reebok Classics x Keith Haring Foundation collection is no news anymore, but the fact remains.

And the Freestyle High, already being my favourite Reebok Classics model ever, feels even more special under the Keith Haring treament.

Like Pete Williams said back in January, over at High Snobiety
The use of bold primary colours and a range of textures gives the range a graphic feel and a nod to the early 80’s, which was the time that both Haring and Reebok Classic came to prominence - some of Reebok Classics' most loved silhouettes were first introduced around the same time as some of Haring’s most acclaimed work, which gives a nice link between the artists and the brand.
The embroidered number 83 just adds some extra sentimental value for me. It was a good year, if you know what I mean. 

So thanks Reebok, getting these trully means something more for me than just getting a really, really, really cool pair of sneakers.

Above, you see my Freestyle High dilemma in the making. Flipping a coin will work for now, or at least until I get a third pair.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Sunday, happy Sunday

What to wear for a noon baptism in mid-October, when the temperature in Greece refuses to drop to normal autumnal levels? Something almost summery but not too revealing, "wintering it" down with black accessories.

Vintage dress, TROC. Bag and sandals, ZARA. Green sunglasses, RETROSUPERFUTURE via YOOX. Pink lipstick, Boreal Mauve 15 by MAX FACTOR. 

Saturday 12 October 2013

Getting the Inglot treatment

The feeling of a kid in a candy store? 

That's exactly what happened when I entered the Inglot store in Glyfada a couple of weeks ago.

First things first.

For those of you who are not familiar with Inglot cosmetics, here are some basic facts: The company was established 25 years ago in Poland and right from the start, their objective was to produce high quality products at fair and reasonable prices. My personal opinion is they have totally nailed that. Plus, all Inglot cosmetics are produced within the European Union and you can find them in over 400 retail locations worldwide, including Glyfada, Halandri and Athens Metro Mall.

Back to our dreamy day. We were greeted by the Creative Director of Inglot Greece, Elena Chatzinikolidou.

We sure needed her. Why? Take a look below:




Seriously, I'm all for variety, but Inglot's array of colours, textures and formulas is simply beyond me. Good thing Elena was there to help us and answer all our questions.

For example, here I am asking if it's wrong that like to wear blush right where I, erhhm, blush, and not on the cheekbones, like most professional make-up aritists show.

And she obliged all my silly questions, while making me fabulous of course.

And then Elena made the other Elena fabulous too! You can read her post of the day here.

Other than having an amazing girlie time, I made sure to note these two interesting details:

The freedom system is amazing.

Inglot offers magnetic palettes in a variety of sizes, so you can create your own eyeshadow, lipgloss, blush and pressed powder palettes, while keeping them all organized and neat. And you know how I feel about neatness, right? 
Plus, by magnetic, I mean everything is magnetic! Even the lids, that can slide, rotate, or clip on the bottom of the palette while you are using them. No more broken or lost eyeshadow lids, yay!

Inglot also offers free beautifying sessions & make-up lessons along with buying products of a certain value. It doesn't have to be much either. For example, with products worth 10€ you get a free brow reshape and 30€ will get you a free morning make-up by a trained Inglot artist.

And, get this: You don't have to buy the exact products used, you buy whatever you want! That means you can get 30€ worth of nail polish and still get your face done professionally. Amazing? 

You can click on the image above to zoom in and read all the offers in greek.

And if you're a make-up junkie (to be this far along this mammoth post, you must be) don't forget to like/follow/stalk them all over the place, so you can learn all the new make-up looks Elena Chatzinikolidou creates throughout the year.

Now, if I can remember all I learned to do at home too...