Monday 27 July 2009

Quick, before I disappear again...

Sorry for going AWOL for so many days now, but I've been all over the place here in Greece. I left Samos one week ago to celebrate along with friends who got their architecture degree in Volos (my time WILL come too) and then I've been keeping busy here in Athens. I managed to get some shopping done before all that, but I can only give you a small preview, as I haven't been able to shoot proper pictures of my new buys, except for this one:

Trying to get back to my preppy roots, with this red strippy polo shirt from H&M.

And that's about it for now.

But don't worry, I saved the best for the end... I'm going to Amsterdam with my sister and friend Litsa tommorow! I'll be there for one week, and hopefully I'll try to do a couple of updates while I'm there, in an attempt for you to forgive me for being so lazy these past couple of weeks...

Monday 20 July 2009


Sorry for the absence, but I'm afraid I will have to extend it a bit more...

And no, I haven't shopped anything in the sales yet.
That's something.

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Accessorizing the cat

I'm in Samos island once again.
You know what that means... it's Frida-posting time!

In this photo, Frida is graciously modeling for us, my mum's new Accessorize necklace, which I'm definitely gonna borrow several times while I'm here.

See more of this island's most stylish Siamese cat here, here and here.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Success guaranteed


Desperate times, desperate measures?

Refinery29 via Brian Boy
(click one of the links for bigger image)

Monday 13 July 2009

The perfect ice cube

I know this is a fashion blog, but we all love pretty things, right?
I visited Habitat this Saturday, and even though I loved almost everything in there, I had to restrict myself just to this fuchsia silicone ice cube tray. And some catalogues to take home for the obligatory eye-candy, of course!

Am I weird for being excited because it will make ice cubes with perfect cubic shape? And because it's hot pink?
Well, people have their vices...

Saturday 11 July 2009

Have a lovely weekend

Dress, Pull and Bear. Red flats, Maloles.
(see the dress worn with red flats here too)

Friday 10 July 2009

Win this!

The amazingly cool, travelling-loving girl we came to know as Wanderlusting, is having a give-away on her blog Anywhere But Here. To enter and have a chance to win this cute Forever 21 strapless summer dress, read her post and follow the instructions.
Hurry up though, she's gonna draw the winner tomorrow!

Thursday 9 July 2009

Klein, royal, electric

Anyway you call it, I'm talking about the most vibrant shade of blue out there. And I already know two bloggers out there who absolutely love it.

[all photos from Le Blog de Betty]

[all photos from 13.9]

So, I really consider those two amazing girls and their blogs to be the inspiration behind my impulse to buy this
royal blue backpack by ALDO in Bucurest last month. Even if it only cost something like 12 euros.

I love its simplicity, the complete absence of logo and the amazing colour. Now, if only I can be as inventive and stylish as Betty and Yasemin when using to add vibrant blue in my outfits...

Wednesday 8 July 2009

More Maloles

So, after buying my first pair of Zoés from second hand designer boutique BOHBO and experiencing their quality and craftsmanship myself, I was hooked. I wanted more. But as I had mentioned before, a pair of buttery soft Maloles flats can be quite pricey. What's a girl to do?

Search the internetz for the best deal, of course!

I searched and searched and then I searched some more. At the beginning, it was more out of curiosity. Like, what's the best price I can find out there? Take a look at what I found:

(Prices are shown in € or $ as stated, excluding shipping costs)

Brown Zoenas, €135 down from €225, Net-a-Porter

Studded Georges in black, $338.00, Shopbop

Brown or blue patent leather Cornelias, $200.00 down from $340.00, Piperlime

Studded Georges in grey, $338.00, Shopbop

Black studded Zoés, €225, Net-a-Porter

Pink Zoés, $159.99 down from $335.00, Piperlime

Bow back Cornelias in red, blue or brown, $238.00 down from $340.00, Shopbop

I also found some great prices at Footlux, and some not so great at YOOX, but none of the styles I liked. Same with BarefootTess, Zappos and 6pm. Just don't bother, seems like they stock the styles that couldn't sell anywhere else.

Eventually, I ended up at the Italian on-line boutique L'Inde Store. And there, I found a good deal:

Crimson red Zoés, 50% off, down at €108,00 from €216,00 and with free shipping. In my size.

So, I gave in.

Now, they're home safe, keeping company to my first ones...

The beginning of an obsession?

PS1 Stella, they do run true to size, if not half a size bigger. My ideal size is 38,5 and and all my ZARA flats are a 39. If I could find a 38,5 in Maloles I would buy that, but 39 is just fine too.

PS2 I am yet to find stores that stock Maloles in Greece. I think I'll send an e-mail to the company, to try and learn more info. In the meantime, if you know any actual stores that sell Maloles here, please share!

PS3 I forgot to mention, the shipping wasn't just free, it was super-fast too! Like, I ordered them Wednesday night and the UPS guy knocked on my door Friday noon. Thumbs up for that!

Monday 6 July 2009

The Inevitable

Well, I may have gone to Volos for totally non-fashion related reasons, but my dear friends Archo and Virginia presented their final thesis last week, and we had to do some celebratory shopping! Nothing big though, just those five things you see above: A tomato-red strapless top, a tropical print green top, a pair of slouchy black shorts (I bought them at least one size up, 'cause short AND tight ain't a good look) and two simple sweaters in teal and grey. Sweaters you say? In summer? Well, I like to be prepared for all these chilly, windy nights when I'll be sipping cocktails in my friendly neighborhood sea-side bar on the island. And I love wearing shorts with long-sleeved tops!

Personal quirk, what can I say?

But I didn't just shop for clothes. No sir! I also got myself an album I've been meaning to buy for quite some time now, "The Incredible, The Invisible" by amazing Greek soul and funk diva Sugahspank!. Right now I'm listening to track #3, "Kill the bitch u got in ya". My definite favourite though, is the amazingly sexy "Blush?". Those of you who never heard of her before, do check out her music on MySpace and you'll know what I mean! (Lucia, thanks for the idea of combining clothes with music! Very inspirational!)

And now, after those few strategic buys, I believe that I'm ready for summer!

Sunday 5 July 2009


I may have forgot to mention it here, but these past four days I went away. I was in Volos to see the boyfriend, spend some time with friends and also to meet with my consulting professor, in an attempt to finally get my degree in a couple of months. He is one of my favourite professors. He specializes in architecture history and, moreover, his name translates as "column". So, what's more fitting to wear at such a meeting, than a simple white tank top printed with the capital of a Corinthian order column?

"The Corinthian order is one of the orders of Greek and Roman architecture, characterized by a slender fluted column and an ornate capital decorated with acanthus leaves and scrolls. Although of Greek origin, the Corinthian order was seldom used in Greek architecture. The other two orders were the Doric and the Ionic. Vitruvius wrote that the Corinthian order had been invented by Callimachus, an architect and sculptor who was inspired by the sight of a votive basket that had been left on the grave of a young girl. A few of her toys were in it, and a square tile had been placed over the basket, to protect them from the weather. An acanthus plant had grown through the woven basket, mixing its spiny, deeply cut leaves with the weave of the basket."

to read more visit the Wikipedia article Corinthian order
Got it last year from Sisley and it's one of my favourite tops.
I feel so architecture-savvy wearing it! Stupid, I know.
Or at least funny.

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Glamour Fashion Face Off

Better late than never, as they say... Well girls, those of you living in Greece, if you haven't got your copy of July Glamour magazine yet, you'd better hurry up! It's not gonna wait forever, you know.

Now with more bloggers inside, wearing their Glamour t-shirts with style!

More specifically (from bottom left and clockwise) Queen B, Nina Mavalda, Life Full of Fashion, Alecca Rox, StyleForStyle, The Soho Symposium, and yours trully!

But this isn't all!
The must-read of this issue was the Fashion Face-Off between two fashionistas extraordinaires: Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham. Well, not the actual celebrities, but their signature styles.

Fearless Glamour editor Danai walked the streets of downtown Athens for one day, dressed as Paris and Posh, and the amazing Glamour reporter Amalia kept up with what people had to say.

Well, one of those people was me!

Even though the header said "the expert's opinion", I don't exactly consider myself that...

...but I did have an opinion! Read all about it in this issue, or watch the hilarious video below.

Glamour's Epic Fashion Face Off:
Victoria Beckham Vs Paris Hilton
Danai Christopoulou rises to the challenge, Amalia Agathou asks the tough Qs. YOU name the winner! The expert : Penelopy,
I'm on at 4:20!!!!

UPDATE: Here's the much-awaited translation of the red column in the article featuring my sayings!
The expert's point of view

Our favourite fashion blogger (, Penelopy (follow her on twitter @lopilopi) came all the way downtown to Kolonaki to give us her opinion of the two looks.

"From Paris Hilton's look I would adopt the fuschia colour, but in a much smaller quantity, it was kind of a hot pink overdose. From Victoria's look I would steal her perfect dress. Although she took it to the other extreme, her look was total black! The problem Victoria would definitely face in Athens streets is walking on the wobbly sidewalks in her super high heels. I guess hers is the ideal look only if you have a personal driver to get around town! My fashion icons are girls like Rachel Bilson and Natalie Portman, who dress stylish but a simple and understated way and are never over the top. At ermoumag we are planning to do a series of articles on how to adopt your favourite fashion icon's style without the celebrity budget."
Thanks Amalia, once again, for the amazing opportunity!