Monday 31 May 2010

Three of a kind

Remember the TEE stop-motion ad I made the architectural model for? Remember my pals the cOre who directed it?

Have I mentioned how effing cool those guys are?




P.S. Other than their showreel, the boys also keep an inspiration blog called amazing limbo fonto where they post the most amazing videos found on the internet. And they occasionally tweet too, both as thecOrereel and limbofonto. And they're really handsome. So consider yourselves warned.

Sunday 30 May 2010

Fashion [bloggers] and the city

The premiere of Sex and the City 2 was last Thursday and getitnow online megastore was kind enough to invite us fashion bloggers to their Fashion and the City event, held at Odeon Kosmopolis in Marousi.

Queen B, Elena the Shopping Queen of getitnow, me, Alkistis of Streetgeist and many other fashionable gals all gathered to swoon over - what else - the clothes and the shoes in the film!

The movie was fun, not a masterpiece, but definitely a nice way to spend an evening with the girls. And then, it was time to party! Too bad I failed to take proper pics of the night, especially the cocktails... Hey, if you're gonna do a SATC-themed party, Cosmopolitans are the way to go!

We also got asked by Mr Jim Hamilton, the CEO of getitnow, to draw the winners of the amazing prizes of the evening, including the butterfly-print Vivienne Tam netbook Samantha has in the movie!

Had so much fun, but I was such a lazy blogger! Big thanks to Elena of Life Full of Fashion and also the dearest designated photographer of getitnow who shot many of the pics included in this post.

Big thanks also must go to Mr Jim Hamilton (loved the bright blue tie) and Elena Shopping Queen for having us there!

Thank you getitnow for the lovely evening!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Art gathering

At the opening of "DEPARTURES" art exhibition at Athinais last night, along with Elena and Chloe. Read more about our lovely evening over at Elena's and remember, the exhibition will be open to the public up until Monday May 31st. More details here.

And the outfit for the night:
Black t-shirt, ZARA. Floral dress worn as skirt, H&M. Tan leather belt, mum's vintage. Tan tote, MANGO. Gold necklace, grandma's vintage. Green suede flats, ZARA.

Tuesday 25 May 2010


Care for some art with a good cause?

The GEORGE BEST COSTACOS foundation is organizing an art exhibition titled "DEPARTURES" to support the creation of hostels for children with brain cancer, in Greece and abroad. More than 70 Greek and American artists will are participating, among them one of our favourite fashion designers Evangelos Kavathas.

Founded in 2009, the GEORGE BEST COSTACOS Cultural and Cancer Research Foundation was created to honour the life, work and philanthropic spirit of the late Broadway singer and actor George "Best" Costacos. Besides his artistic accomplishments, he is remembered for his support to young artists and researchers in the field of cancer.

The exhibition is opening today at 20:00 in Athinais Multicultural Space, 34 Kastorias st. GAZI and will be open until Monday May 31st 10:00-22:00, free of charge.

Monday 24 May 2010

Bloggers take more pics

[Nina posing, Chloe and Hari K standing, Alkisti shooting]

Remembering Athens Xclusive Designers Week happy times.
Bloggers were taking pics also here.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Floral childhood

Floral leggings, mine from childhood. Grey button-down tunic, ZARA. Grey stripy cardigan, Pull&Bear. Black plastic flats, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa. Black leather belt, used to belong to my grandmother. Two-finger bow ring, Erica Anenberg.

Remember this post I did back in April, when I went searching for hidden treasures in my family's home attic ? Well, those leggings were unearthed back then, and now I'm enjoying them even more than when I was a little self-conscious 10-year-old girl.

Friday 21 May 2010

Beats and vinyl

cast-a-blast 6DOGS
Firday is here and if you still don't have a clue where to go tonight to shake that working week off your shoulders, well, I have an idea. Cast-A-Blast is releasing their latest compilation vinyl I CAN HEAR IT NOW E.P. and they're throwing a party!

So, I'll be in downtown Athens, at 6 D.O.G.S. in Monastiraki, listening to beats by DJ Blend a.k.a Mishkin, MCs BNC, The Kidd and Elephant Phinix, DJ Melik and MC Yinka as special guests and visuals by Design Insane and my friend Lee Turtle.

CAN HEAR IT NOW E.P. is a compilation of music by the whole Cast-A-Blast crew (Blend aka Mishkin w/ African Simba, BNC w/ Elephant Phinix, Larry Gus, Kill Emil Meets Mr. Tea & Palov) and this is the first time it will be available to buy, after its sneak preview in a limited edition.

And if music isn't that much of your thing - after all this IS a fashion blog - the CAB guys have informed me that they will set up a mini Cast-A-Blast shop on site, where their cute t-shirts will also be available.

If you really, really, REALLY can't attend, well the whole thing will be streamed live through the Cast-A-Blast website so you can dance to the beats alone in your bedroom. And you can still visit the Cast-A-Blast online shop for all the music releases, as well as some really cute t-shirts. But are you still really sure you don't wanna come tonight?

The event starts at 23:00 and the entrance is €5.
Facebook event here and google map here.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Ioannis Guia vente privée

Ioannis Guia is a Greek designer residing in Paris, whose quite provocative AW 2010/11 collection, which was inspired by the Greek-Orthodox Easter, I was lucky enough to attend in AXDW last March.

I very much admire his skills and his whole career path, as well as the road-least-traveled approach he chose to follow, while drawing inspiration from his own cultural background. Last season it was all about the neo-greek tsolias uniforms and now, the Greek-Orthodox clergy's ceremonial clothing. As Alecca Rox herself very successfully noted in her blog, there are no cliché ancient pleats and drapes to be found here.

So imagine my joy when a couple of weeks ago, I opened my inbox to find a lovely e-mail by Monsieur Guia himself, inviting us to his vente privée in Athens. What an amazing opportunity to meet him, talk throughout all his ideas and inspiration behind his collections and see the actual clothes in real life.

Good thing I had Elena as my partner in crime!

As you'll see from this post, she's one of my favourite models!

Monsieur Guia welcomed us wholeheartedly and dedicated a lot of his valuable time to talk about his inspiration as well as the actual clothes and the methods he uses for their construction.

For example, did you know he had the fabrics he used in his last collection custom woven especially for him in one of those famous maisons in Paris? Yes, the ones Chanel uses too...

And he insisted on us trying on the clothes!

Well, that was a no-brainer, actually. Fashion is not art, clothes are meant to be worn.

And don't let yourselves get intimidated by the extravagant shows Ioannis Guia throws every season at fashion week. Our personal experience now confirms that they were indeed totally wearable.

Weather it was silver and champagne-coloured sequins embroidered on silk for evening wear or a linen/cotton mix blouse and its matching multi-tiered skirt, I could easily fit most of the clothes I saw in my everyday style.
Bonus happy moment was meeting new fabulous people! Like the lovely Nopi you can see modeling that beige Guia dress in the pic above. With her raven hair and flat bejeweled sandals, she totally embodied sexy-yet-cool summer chic.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and a really educative one as well. When a designer pays such attention to detail, it's a pity not to enjoy it up close.

So thank you Monsieur Guia, for the hospitality and the lovely evening full of fashion.

And readers, don't forget to read Elena's post as well!

Sunday 16 May 2010

Blissful Sunday

Sunday might be considered as the day of rest, but I don't think whoever made this rule took fashion bloggers into account...

Elena and me found ourselves at Pure Bliss in downtown Athens, for some coffee and girlie chit-chat. Ok, I'm not telling the whole truth. We also went there for the amazing handmade jewellery bazaar!

It was great seeing all this talent up close, and I was more than excited to finally meet Christina, the now famous creator of Strigles.

You've surely seen seen her creations before doing the rounds on the blogosphere, most probably chez Alecca Rox, Life in Athens, Shopping Therapy or Life Full of Fashion. And now, after meeting her myself and having coffee with her, I can assure you, the girl is a total cutie-pie!

Deciding what to get from all the wonderful creators/vendors was nerve-wracking, but I finally set my mind on this statement necklace, handmade by Antonia of Toto Accessories.

It's gonna look amazing on my simple white tees and it only cost €15. Can you say bargain?

But that's not all I did yesterday... More coming up!
Hope you had an amazing Sunday too!

Friday 14 May 2010

Art Athina 2010

It's the second year in a row I visit the international contemporary art fair Art Athina.

According to the press release ART-ATHINA 2010 showcases the work of more than 300 artists represented by 58 galleries from 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey, USA). The fair also presents 38 institutions related to contemporary art (museums, foundations, art publishers and media).

I have to admit, last year I was a bit more productive when it comes to taking pics of the actual art. But hey, yesterday was the opening night and the place was packed! Way too much crowd in front of the works of art to take proper pics, hence the poor posting.

Thank goodness there are bloggers more organised and decisive than me, like my girl Miss Athènes who has shot an amazing portrait of Elena and me for her post on the Art Athina opening night.

However, I could not refrain myself from commenting the talk-of-the-night. As you can spot on the pic above, a random man decided to drink his heart out at the open bar, completely strip off and pass out drunk amidst the crowd. The security guys run and covered his nakedness, but it was already done, everyone was talking about it. More specifically, whether the whole thing was some sort of an art performance or the guy was just a genuine drunkard. However, soon after some medics arrived to take care of him, so we still haven't decided...

Drunk stunts or not, I totally recommend paying a visit to enjoy some really amazing art. The fair is located at the shorefront of Athens, in the Faliro Pavilion and will be open until Sunday. For more info visit and follow art_athina on twitter. It would be a fail not to mention also that OZON magazine is live blogging the whole event. See the OZON tumblr for all the live posts and follow OZON on twitter so you don't miss out on the new ones.