Thursday 30 June 2011

Renzo Piano presenting SNFCC

Last night we escaped the downtown madness and headed down to Faliron to watch Renzo Piano in person presenting his final designs for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

Here's the presentation video:

If you want to see and read more, here's the official SNFCC brochure, plus you can find a detailed description of the project on Architectural Record and a more fun, yet to-the-point post in Greek on Spitoskylo.

Nice to see good things happening among all this chaos.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Twingo Miss Sixty contest and gifts

A few weeks have past since that shopping trip to Miss Sixty at The Mall and that great weekend spent behind the wheel of Twingo Miss Sixty. Thalia, Stella, Katerina and I had lots of fun and guess what...

Now it's
your turn!

Renault and Miss Sixty are giving you the chance to win a special
weekend off at a spa hotel plus lots of Miss Sixty gifts.

All you have to do is like Twingo Miss Sixty on facebook and enter its contest by answering 7 easy questions. Don't worry, the answers are all there, you just have to read our blog posts (hint-hint, you can click on the girls' names above to find their posts easily) and watch the videos where we talk about our days spent with Twingo Miss Sixty.

Sorry international readers, the contest is open only to people who live in Greece and are 18 and above, until July 15th.

Good luck!

Monday 27 June 2011

Yellow gold

I believe most of us despised yellow gold when we were growing up. We thought of it as tacky and kitsch and probably something that only our moms and aunts would wear.

Well, in this past few years I slowly started to grow fonder of gold jewelery, to the point where they are now the majority of my collection.

Here are a few of the pieces that I've been wearing non-stop these past few months:
Gorjana Bail Ring from Reverse.

Gorjana Tinsley Charm Bracelet from Reverse.

Chain link necklace, vintage from my grandma's collection.

Gold-plated bracelet, a gift bought from Samos.

Snake-effect long necklace from Accessorize.

If you liked those two Gorjana pieces on top, you should definitely take a look at Revolve Clothing's selection, with several pieces currently on sale. My favourite is this little charm bracelet that's already on my wish list.
Quite similar to the one I already have, but I wouldn't mind piling them both up on my left wrist.

Saturday 25 June 2011

H&M at The Mall

All this went down at the H&M store opening last Thursday at The Mall Athens.

Yes people, it's true. There's an H&M womenswear store open there right now. Very convenient for us living up in the north suburbs, non?
Elena of, Mariza Petrakou of H&M Greece Communication & Press Department, me and Maro Zannia, H&M Showroom Manager.

You can see I'm wearing my red Swedish Hasbeens for H&M in the outfit above. Here's a hint: Although most styles and sizes of this collection are already sold out in other stores, in this one I saw lots of pairs ready to be snatched, so if you wanted a pair and didn't make it last time, now is your chance!

Happy shopping!

Thursday 23 June 2011


Most of the time, the emails that end up in my inbox are of the irritating "a B-list celebrity wore our tacky brand" kind. However, sometimes they end up being about some really cool brand or shop that I somehow never managed to hear about before and contain no stupid celebrities whatsoever.

This time I was lucky enough to discover LN-CC.

First thing that got my attention was their amazingly cool-looking model. She looks so serene and confident, I just had to click. And as soon as I was in there, it was all about the clothes.

Take a look of my favourites: Ann Demeulemeester Women's Coat Lainecotton Black
Ann Demeulemeester Women's Coat Lainecotton Black Nicholas Kirkwood Woven Heels
Nicholas Kirkwood Woven Heels Damir Doma Women's Pherkad High Waist Pants
Damir Doma Women's Pherkad High Waist Pants Jil Sander Women's Bloc-Striped Gigantic Gown
Jil Sander Women's Bloc-Striped Gigantic Gown Ann Demeulemeester Women's Mo Knit
Ann Demeulemeester Women's Mo Knit Maison Martin Margiela 22 Women's Black Ankle Boots
Maison Martin Margiela 22 Women's Black Ankle Boots Ohne Titel Women's Drape Pocket Dress
Ohne Titel Women's Drape Pocket Dress Jil Sander Women's Wide Long Trousers
Jil Sander Women's Wide Long Trousers Ann Demeulemeester Women's Shoes Vitello Pesante Nero
Ann Demeulemeester Women's Shoes Vitello Pesante Nero Comme des Garcons Shirt Women's Black Ribbed T-Shirt
Comme des Garcons Shirt Women's Black Ribbed T-Shirt Jil Sander Women's Market Bag
Jil Sander Women's Market Bag Haider Ackermann Women's MUSKAU BLACK PANT
Haider Ackermann Women's Muskau Black Pant Ann Demeulemeester Women's Faith Knit
Ann Demeulemeester Women's Faith Knit

Not in my price range, even on sale, but still amazing.

And if clothes are not your thing, fret not. They also sell books and music, including vinyls used and new.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Kicks with Mary

Kicks With Mary by Baby Guru
directed by my friend dipyadeep
produced by the cOre and FILMIKI
guest appearance by ku
album out by inner ear records

Baby Guru will be playing in a few hours in Eject Festival along with The Vaccines, Blackfield and Moby. Those of you who bought tickets to see Amy Winehouse and are totally pissed off that she canceled (and probably got dragged straight back into rehab) don't be fools, you're gonna have a great time anyway.

Tuesday 21 June 2011


Ok people, I know this Haralas design is totally a Marni SS 2008 knock-off (if you don't remember that specific style just take a look here and here) but I simply couldn't resist when I found it for half-price off in Avenue Mall's All About Shoes shop.

I just fell in love the turquoise/black/white combo and the fact that it has a round toe line instead of the original design's super pointy style.

Still feeling kinda guilty for the original designer though... Should I? Would you?

Monday 20 June 2011

Hip Hop Shop 2011 Graff Jam

Last Saturday at Hip Hop Shop's second graffiti jam in my 'hood.

What, you thought there would be no fashion in this post?
Check out those Adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0!