Sunday 16 September 2012

Slatchel candy

Back in July (queue "how time passes" sigh) we were invited by Greek luggage company Lycsac to see their brand new line of products.

Slatchel is the name, because the are satchel bags by Lycsac and all.

They are made in Greece from plasticized fabric, keeping their price down compared to similar leather models and making them perfect for people who don't like to support the leather industry (I can think of a few, including Ms Thalia above).

Stephanie got the green-and-red-tartan Epatia model...

...while I opted for the Barbie-pink Arsinoe.

I find the fact they are named after Greek mythology female characters rather amusing (and I secretly hope there is a Pinelopi model in the future).

But even more fun is the fact that the most recent Union Jack premium satchel is named Elizabeth. If I ever encounter one dangling from a shoulder I will make sure to follow protocol and address it as Your Majesty.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Summer past

The curse of the person holding the camera is that they are never in the picture. This is a post celebrating the summer namedays & birthdays of my friends, in lieu of mine. Let autumn begin.