Friday 29 May 2009

Rethinking lilac

Lilac dress, H&M. Scarf, BERSHKA. Black leather sandals with gold studs, MAT. Chocolate brown bag, MANGO.

Since it's either very late on a Thursday night or very early on a Friday morning and I haven't been able to sleep yet, I might as well share my outfit of the day that just ended. Lilac has been on my black list for several years now. Must have been my teenage years, when every spring the shop windows would burst of cheap lilac crop tops and lilac low-rise synthetic pants that just screamed bad taste. I have since despised the colour, up until two days ago, when I popped into the Ermou H&M and came upon this dress. So feminine and chic, it made all my lilac doubts vanish in a mere second. Wore it to attend the H&M Trends for Autumn/Winter 2009 Preview at the H&M headquarters in Stadiou st (sorry guys, no pictures to post, wasn't allowed to shoot any) paired with my trusty scarf and my MAT gold-studded sandals, also a recent acquisition. But that's another story. Post of all recent buys to follow!

P.S. I know I'm extremely sleepy in that first picture! Ok, make fun of me...

Thursday 28 May 2009

You go girl!

As I was sitting on my desk, cursing because I do have new pictures to post, but can't upload them to post them (aaaarghh), an e-mail arrived. It was from Revolve Clothing, the on-line boutique I'm so fond of, because they stock Chie Mihara shoes and they don't charge shipping for orders over $100. It's where I got my second pair of Chies from, my first ever internet purchase. Anyway, I open the e-mail, and what do I see?
Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast is the new Revolve Style Guide model-stylist! The intro reads:
"If you're as addicted to fashion blogs as we are, then you know Rumi Neely of With her expert eye in high-low dressing and street-style photography, the San Diego-based blogger has become a go-to source for outfit inspiration. Neely's blog has become a daily read for fashionophiles all over the world — including Esteban Cortazar of Emanuel Ungaro. Not only did Cortazar invite Neely to sit front row during his Fall '09 fashion show, he even scheduled her in for a personal fitting. "When I got the email saying he was a fan, I was floored!" says Neely. Fashion Toast has also opened other doors for Neely, like a highly coveted modeling campaign for RVCA. For our spring style guide, Neeley picked out, styled, and modeled 12 looks that play on her casual, effortless chic. She layers bodysuits, adds crop tops, and shows us how to pair little black booties with almost everything. In addition to her amazing styling abilities, we also found out she is an outstanding violinist — she's been playing all her life!
Ready to get inspired?"
By a fellow blogger? You bet we are! Her style is more on the 80's revival side of fashion, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you've got to give it to the girl, she photographs damn good! Click here to see all the looks she models and be sure to check the behind the scenes video!

So happy to see successful bloggers like Rumi receive the acknowledgment they deserve!

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Glamour is wearing a simple t-shirt

T-shirt, FREE with the June issue of Glamour. Yellow skirt, BENETTON. Black patent belt, came with a dress. Black pumps, Chie Mihara.

As always, I'm late.
Late to work and late to take my picture wearing the free t-shirt that came with this month's Glamour magazine, the one that featured Greek fashion bloggers. See Elena's versions here and here, The Soho Symposium here and Queen B here.

Monday 25 May 2009

Monday morning

Last Monday, that is. As bryanboy says I'm so back-blogged it's not even funny! No time for more words...
Have a beautiful week!

Denim skirt, ZARA. Black t-shirt, ZARA. Grey skinny scarf, H&M. Green belt, ZARA. Yellow, white and gold sandals, ZARA KIDS.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Art Athina 2009

What a wonderful Saturday! First stop at Bacaro to visit the last Fox Fair of this spring, while having coffee and tramezzini with the Streetgeist guys. Unfortunately, no pictures from there... Bad blogger!

Then, it was all the way down to Faliro to attend Art Athina International Contemporary Art Fair. In numbers: 60 art galleries from 12 different countries showing works by 300 artists. Which means long post ahead.

The exhibition from above.

By Alexandros Vasmoulakis, aka ZAP51.

By Alexandros Psychoulis, a professor of mine at the University of Thessaly.

"Coffee table" by Nina Kotamanidou

Oooops, don't remember that one!

"Flood" by Stelios Faitakis, aka Bizare.

Unitled by Fryni Mouzakitou.

"Explosion" by Ramazan Bayrakoglu. I included the detail, so we can admire together!

"The birth of flight" by Matthew Burrows

"His nurse on earth" by Matthew Burrows

"To those who have ears" by Matthew Burrows

Untitled by Teta Makri

By Theofilos Katsipanos

By Jiannis Kounellis

Can you read what the sign above the cubicles reads?

"Culture is a safe.
Put your money in cultural things!"

Art Athina ends tomorrow, Sunday May 24th, so all of you living in Athens, hurry up if you what to see some art!

Friday 22 May 2009

A quirky little place called Saia

If you have been following my posts over at ermoumag, you may already be familiar with the fantasy world of Saia. I visited the quirky little boutique in Karytsi sq. some weeks ago (hence the black opaque tights you'll witness me wearing in the pictures) gathering material to do my work-related post, and instantly fell in love with the place!

You know I'm a dress person... Well, this place is like heaven for me! They stock dresses, accessories, shoes and bikinis from Brazil and Argentina, and they're all colourful, unique little pieces of delight.

Although I was kind of stressed on time, I couldn't resist trying on some Melissa plastic shoes. I had them in my mind for quite some time now, and I couldn't find a shop to try them on...

The moment I saw them on the mirror, I was sold. Unfortunately, my boyfriend vetoed the lovely plastic shoes. Important lesson here girls: DON'T take men along for shopping.

But I couldn't bear leaving the small shop of joy without something, anything!
Which was the lovely red horses print scarf I ended up wearing on the Glamour feature. Cost just 20 euros and I love it to pieces!

Planning to go back there soon. I can hear those dresses calling my name!

Wednesday 20 May 2009


Brown maternity pants, BENETTON. Grey t-shirt with puffy sleeves, BERSHKA. Cream, yellow and gold leather sandals, ZARA KIDS. Oversized ring necklace, PULL&BEAR.

Is it too twisted to pair my amazingly comfortable brown linen pants, found in Benetton's maternity section (read the story here) with one pair of my Zara Kids flat sandals? This morning while getting dressed, I was actually wondering if I have any menswear stuff to top it up. I think I have to follow Little Stylist's lead and head to Zara Man for amazing scarves next time I go shopping...

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Glamour girl

Remember me casually mentioning a visit to the Glamour headquarters a couple of weeks ago?

Well, the June issue of greek Glamour magazine is out and I am featured in it, along with fashion blogging comrades Alecca Rox, Aris and Alkisti of Streetgeist, Hari K of The Soho Symposium and Queen B.

Random Fact 1: On the cover it reads: Miley Cyrus, the most famous girl in the world. My sister's comment, upon seeing that: Who is that Miley Cyrus chick and why is she supposed to be the most famous girl in the world? I don't know her.
Even my little sister is not young enough to be aware of Hannah Montana! You go tell 'em sis!

Random Fact 2: I'm opposite to an ad for ice-cream!

Random Fact 3: The clothes I wear in the photo are all mine (a Badila skirt I bought two years ago and a plain Zara top). Only the horse-print scarf is a recent buy (more on that on a different post). I also did the make-up myself. Now that I think about it, I should have taken the chance to be pampered by a pro!

Congratulations to Amalia Agathou, the Glamour editor who did an amazing job with this article, and congratulations to all the girls - and one boy - who were featured. We were all faaaaaahbulous! Now dear Greek readers, run to the kiosk and buy the magazine! And, all of you non-Greeks out there, I'm planning on doing the English translation really soon, so stay tuned. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call my mum and tell her I'm in print.

---sorry it took me so long, here's the translation---

Penelopy, an architecture student whose style has been defined by her love for US Vogue ans her grandma's belts, other than writing her own blog now also posts professionally at
  • I was already a follower of many fashion blogs, leaving comments and conversing with the bloggers behind them. Creating my own was just the next natural step in communicating with all those inspirational girls. The first blog that I fell in love with was Style Bubble followed by Le Blog de Betty, The Cherry Blossom Girl and The Clothes Horse. One of the highlights of my blogging "career" was meeting up with Rebecca of The Clothes Horse at last October's Athens Fashion Week.
  • I'd rather not choose between fashion and architecture, as I love both. I do however believe that it is possible for someone to make a professional career out of blogging, as long as they are aware of the fact that it will surely take a while to make a living out of it. The fashion industry and the media are slowly realizing the power successful bloggers hold on public and sooner or later they will learn to use it for their own gain.
  • I have eventually reached a point where I really wear whatever I want, without feeling like I stick out. I gained the self-confidence neccesary to do that by seeing my favourite bloggers do the same. The biggest change in the way I dress is that I now wear almost exclusively skirts and dresses in my everyday life, abolishing the standard jeans uniform.
  • I loved the latest spring/summer collection by Charles Anastase, Chloé's amazing multi-strapped maryjanes and the beautiful multi-coloured dresses Greek designer duo DElight presented in the last Fashion Week Athens.
  • My shopping advice is: Get in a fitting room with your best friend and an armfull of clothes you'd never normally buy, and just have fun trying them on. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Monday 18 May 2009

Weekend memories

Back to work after a wonderfully quiet weekend in Volos. I drank tsipouro and ate meze next to the sea, had coffee with friends, watched the Eurovision song contest while barbecuing souvlaki on a terrace, and generally spent an awful lot of time just doing nothing at all.

The view of Volos' port from my boyfriend's house.
Great place for outfit pictures too.

This is pretty much what I wore during the entire weekend. Everything is one or two seasons old and mostly by Zara, except for the beaded bracelet, which is a new purchase from Accessorize.

BTW, have you read my latest article on ermoumag about ethnic jewelery? That link is for the greek article, but there is also an english version here. I wrote it last week, and it got me so obsessed, I just had to get something ethnic-inspired myself!
This job is dangerous for my pocket, I tell you!

Friday 15 May 2009

Weekender mode

Out of town for the weekend. I have internet, but lack the concentration to sit down and write a proper post.
Be back soon, promise!

Tuesday 12 May 2009

A.L.E. gut

I suppose many of you dear readers believe that my favourite stores are the usual suspects, aka The Holy Trinity of Inditex:
This is only partly true.
Yes, I love many things about these stores. The low prices, the vast quantity of clothes, the absence of annoying, rude and pushy salesgirls, the fact they are everywhere and that you can always find new things in stock. But, as much as I like them for all of the aforementioned reasons, my favourite store is, and has been for almost a decade now, no other than Faltso boutique in my hometown Samos.

Those of you who may haven't heard of this little shop before, you can go back a few months and read this post, where I present the store and the owner, my lovely friend and fashion mentor Eva.

As I said there, Eva has impeccable taste, not only regarding her own appearance (isn't she a doll?) but also when it comes to dressing others. She picks all the clothes that get into her store one by one during frequent trips to Athens. Unlike most boutique owners, when something doesn't look good, she's not afraid to say it. But, most importantly, she knows what you're gonna like before you do. It's magic! Even I - who, we all know, have a very certain taste in clothes - trust her completely.

Anyway, these pictures of me inside Faltso, sporting this gorgeous green puffy A.L.E. dress and shoes are a few weeks old, from way back when I was back home in Samos for Easter, but they're still haunting me till this day.

Eva and me both knew I would love this dress. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, A.L.E. stands for Attrattivo Limited Edition. It started as a side project of Attrattivo, a Greek company specializing in alternative young women's clothing, and quickly it turned into its own brand. Their clothes are always a bit more quirky and unique than the standard Attrattivo styles, and I love them! I already have two dresses by A.L.E. seen here and here and I was about to acquire this one, but...

I felt a bit weird. Is it just me, or this dress is a tad bit too short? Don't get me wrong, I don't mean it's too short in general, I just feel it's looks too puffy in this length. Maybe a couple of inches more would have managed to decrease the puffiness factor a bit, which, otherwise is a big plus. As are the pockets. Extra bonus points to the designer for that thought!

So, I ended up not getting the dress. Or the equally gorgeous brown leather heels, also by A.L.E. Too many shoes, I'm afraid. Most of them heels. I have to take a step back and just observe for a while. But, the dress and he shoes are still haunting me...

I hope my mum isn't reading this, but Eva, if you bring in anything else I might like, give me a call!