Friday 22 May 2009

A quirky little place called Saia

If you have been following my posts over at ermoumag, you may already be familiar with the fantasy world of Saia. I visited the quirky little boutique in Karytsi sq. some weeks ago (hence the black opaque tights you'll witness me wearing in the pictures) gathering material to do my work-related post, and instantly fell in love with the place!

You know I'm a dress person... Well, this place is like heaven for me! They stock dresses, accessories, shoes and bikinis from Brazil and Argentina, and they're all colourful, unique little pieces of delight.

Although I was kind of stressed on time, I couldn't resist trying on some Melissa plastic shoes. I had them in my mind for quite some time now, and I couldn't find a shop to try them on...

The moment I saw them on the mirror, I was sold. Unfortunately, my boyfriend vetoed the lovely plastic shoes. Important lesson here girls: DON'T take men along for shopping.

But I couldn't bear leaving the small shop of joy without something, anything!
Which was the lovely red horses print scarf I ended up wearing on the Glamour feature. Cost just 20 euros and I love it to pieces!

Planning to go back there soon. I can hear those dresses calling my name!


Raquel said...

you should have bought the shoes! they're lovely. I love my Melissa shoes and I think every girl should have a pair :)
though the scarf is lovely too.
have a nice weekend.
ps: do you know saia means skirt in portuguese?

K@terina B. said...

told ya you shouldn't have heard the bf!!!!

efi said...

άντρες και shopping:ασυμβίβαστα πράγματα! :D

Christiana said...

I was on the road for a walk in Ermou yesterday but the episodes made me rescedule for next week! Can't wait to see the store!

P.S. You should go back and buy those Melissa shoes!they are so cute!

Alecca Rox said...

rubber shoes! love them or hate them I guess...I'm with the lovers. Buy-oh-buy them!

ToKataifi said...

i'm in love with those melissa shoes...

(hm...ta xo valis to mati kego..huhu)

Anonymous said...

pfff andres :P
tha sumfwnisw oti eprepe na pareis ta papoutsia,einai polu omorfa!alla k to mantili pu tlk agorases einai wraio,to eida k sto periodiko :)

Unknown said...

I love your blog.
About the plastic shoes:
Why on earth have they become cool? Plastic on my feet has always been a cheap and out of necessity option for me. Why are we striving for them nowadays?
I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Laura y Lola said...

I love the color of this shoes, adorable!!