Sunday 7 April 2013

Who doesn't dream of an XLCloset?

I'm a firm believer that style has no size. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everyone looks good in everything. If that was the case, there would be no fashion magazines, blogs or personal stylists - no one would ever need them. But I do believe that everyone should be able to wear what expresses them, regardless of their size.

Over the years I've discovered a numerous amount of fashion blogs written by curvier or plus-size girls, or if you prefer, fatsion blogs, like Le Blog de Big Beauty, Curvy Girl ChicJay Miranda, Cupcake's Clothes, Garner Style, Fat Shopaholic, Girl With CurvesNadia AboulhosnCoco Curvy, Fatsion Daily, Nicolette Mason and many many others.

Right, fatsion, as in fat + fashion. And why not? Notice that I wrote "written by" and not "written for". Those girls are really stylish people and they offer true fashion inspiration. Personally, I have been inspired by their outfits numerous times.

However, the thing that always sprung in mind while enjoying their musings, was this: Where do all those girls (especially the significantly bigger ones) actually find all those cute clothes? I mean, if the majority of us complain that we can't find that exact cut of a cute dress we are looking for, what chance does a plus-sized girl have?

Here comes the internet. Yes, these past few years it really got that simple for people looking for something the high street won't cater for.. Since I'm writing from Greece and most of my readers (those who are left at least - hi mum) are Greek, let me introduce you to one of my latest discoveries:

XLCloset is an all-Greek online shop for plus-size women. The difference (at least the one I'm interested in) is that it is actually cute. Seriously. No mumsy aesthetics in this one, no sir. Having the 30-year experience of Greek plus-size brand Vertice behind it, really knows the plus-size fashion needs, but still manages to keep a young, refreshing and stylish look-and-feel that immediately lets you know these won't be your mama's clothes.

There you can find about almost everything a plus-size girl would look for: Clothes by DinaXL and Vertice sized up to 62 GR (28 UK), bags & accessories by DOCA and also a great selection of jewellery. And they're no noobies either, being on the e-commerce bandwagon since 2011.

Wait, let me just show you:

The first feel

I just love it when an e-shop's first page is all bright, colourful and inspirational style-wise, yet it totally works practically as well.

The clothes

It has everything. OK, being a hardcore dress-and-skirt girl, I would love to see more dresses, but still, it has jeggings, people!

The accessories

Don't you agree that it's the accessories that really make or break an outfit? I mean, most days I'm in a black top and khaki skirt, and then it's orange scarf, beaded necklace, colourful shoes, hello world.

Last but not least: Shipping is free for orders over 50 and you can still find most of the clothes at the real-life Vertice stores, if you need more help in deciding your size and asking for style advice. And yes, of course you can find XLCloset on Facebook too. You're welcome.