Sunday 28 February 2010

It's been a good week

...for fashion bloggers in Greece that is!

First came the March issue of Vogue Hellas, which celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Greece by featuring the multitalented Filep Motwary of uN nouVeau iDEAL, design blogger Costas Voyatzis of Yatzer, the lovely Miss Athènes, crazy duo Clemmie & Melroy and our dearest Christiana of Fashion Paths. (btw, killer legs honey!)

Then, on Friday we all gathered in Microsoft Innovation Center for the 14th GGD and watched Margarita Gourgourini of, Maria Papagrigoriou and Eleni Stasinopoulou, fashion eds in greek InStyle mag and bloggers behind, Elena of Life Full of Fashion and Haritini of The Soho Symposium each take the stand and give their personal views on fashion blogging in Greece.

The audience had a heart-warming reaction and asked numerous interesting questions, so many that I didn't even get to ask my own!

Last but not least, this Sunday, the weekly mag Big Fish that comes with Proto Thema newspaper, did an amazingly well-done six page spread about fashion bloggers in Greece featuring Alecca Rox, Life Full of Fashion, Life in Athens, Battered Couture and The Soho Symposium.

You can find it in pdf here.

The girls said it all in their very interesting interviews, I'm not sure if there's any more to say on my side, except that this is a rather pleasant change. Old media, new media... I say there's room for everyone!

Congrats bloggers!

Friday 26 February 2010

And now, some art

Yesterday was complicated. I woke up at the break of dawn in Volos, took the bus, came to Athens, carried along 5 kilos worth of architectural models and blueprints to downtown Athens and sat through my architect qualification exams, which are not that hard, but still a bureaucratic requirement.

And then, while I had a quite interesting invitation to watch a fashion trade show starring the Next Top Model girls, I instead chose to have a drink with friends, visit an art exhibition opening and then have even more drinks with said friends.

So, about that art exhibition...

Justin Lieberman is a well-known american artist, who studied at Yale and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and who happened to actually be there at his exhibition opening, looking like a really nice, friendly and happy-looking guy (that's his self-portrait in the second picture of this post).

In total contrast with the cheerful artist, the exhibition is titled Salto Mortale and has a suicidal theme. Scattered around the gallery floor are portraits of people who have committed suicide and floating above them tied with string are brightly coloured hellion balloons marked with their thoughts. The happy, colouful space that resembles a children playground, yet carries a deathly theme, comes to be an interesting oxymoron.

The exhibition will be showing until April 8th at the Bernier/Eliades art gallery in Thission.

Wednesday 24 February 2010

The colour without name

Outfit 12.02.2010
Cashmere/silk/cotton sweater and grey oxfords, Massimo Dutti. Grey skirt, H&M. Scarf, Bershka. Necklaces, Pull&Bear. Two-finger bow ring, Erica Anenberg. Cream trench coat, ZARA.

As you may have already noticed through my previous posts, this lovely sweater is one more of my recent winter sale buys. I love its hue, as it goes with almost everything I have in my winter wardrobe and it adds some subtle colour to any basic outfit. However, I've been busting my head out to find the correct name for it, but nothing seems good enough. I thought of describing it as "purplish red" but is that the best we can do?

Please name this colour for me!

Saturday 20 February 2010

Mary Katrantzou for Topshop

Since I slept an insane amount of time and totally forgot all about the second coming of Sonia Rykiel for H&M that hit the stores today (totally jealous of the loot Little Stylist and Shopping Therapy got, by the way) I decided to compensate otherwise...

I just ordered that Mary Katrantzou for Topshop dress, the one with the green jewellery print.

It might be the most body-conscious of all three dresses, but that print is the one I initially fell in love with and the one I personally think is closer to the whole Katrantzou feeling. I ordered at least one size up anyway, just to be on the comfortable side. And yes, I know I really shouldn't be shopping any more (I'm contemplating putting myself on a shopping ban for some months) but I always try to look on the bright side: Shipping was only 6 euros!

See all four pieces of the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection here.

Thursday 18 February 2010

Maloles, now with heels

Purple with black laces on YOOX.

Grey with black laces and purple clips on BLUEFLY.

Or black with electric blue laces on YOOX?

I say, grey with black laces and clips from Empoli Outlet, in my bedroom!

Moving up from Maloles flats to heels. It looks like my obsession is getting bigger.

Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with the clips... But nothing I couldn't fix myself! Coming up, a shoe repairing tutorial.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

More winter sales finds

Silk skinny scarf in black & white geometrical print
Just happened to be passing by an Accessorize store, had some time to spare, popped in and emerged with this, at half price off. I only have one more silk skinny scarf in my artillery, but in a colourful flower print, and I think this one is a classic investment. Great for adding the parisian chic factor to otherwise plain outfits.

Purplish red V-neck sweater
Yet another super-soft cashmere/silk/cotton mix sweater, much like the magenta one from Zara, but in a more grown-up colour, deeper V neckline and full length sleeves.
From Massimo Dutti.

Black strapless cotton dress
Yeap, one more LBD in my closet, but I just loved its fit! Tight bodice and full skirt equal perfection. I purposely got it one size smaller, so it would stay in place on the chest and waist area, and the trick works like a charm. I think I'll be saving this for summer, due to the lightweight cotton fabric. Think about it, it's the perfect blank canvas: Add any belt, a necklace and some sandals and that's a summer outfit sorted instantly! I'm a big fan of shopping out-of-season...
Bought from Massimo Dutti too.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Style Bloggers in March 2010 US Vogue

Vogue has come a long way since those rumors came out two years ago that Anna Wintour hated the word "blog" and allegedly called it garish.

Remember that article on New York Post?
ANNA Wintour is as picky with words as she is with her wardrobe. According to one Vogue-er, "They are expanding the Vogue Web site and getting more involved with the Internet. But Anna hates the word 'blog' so much, she refuses to call anything on her site a blog and has charged her staff with coming up with a new word that isn't as garish-sounding. She wants it ASAP - in time for launch." However, a source close to Wintour said, "Anna just doesn't want people to refer to stories as blogs, because they're not. It's an improper use of the word." A rep said, "Anna has nothing against blogs."

Well, look again.

Small but mighty, a new crop of style bloggers is changing the way the world understands fashion. We gathered together some of the latest and greatest—from Garance Doré to Bryanboy and Tommy Ton—to talk a little shop and take a lot of pictures for the March Power Issue of Vogue.

from left to right:
Michelle Phan, Bryanboy, Todd Selby of The Selby, Hanneli Mustaparta, Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil, Garance Doré, Catherine Kallon of The Red Carpet, Yvan Rodic of Facehunter and Mary Tomer of Mrs.O

I'm definitely buying a copy.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Not celebrating Valentine's

Call me a cynic, but I just can't be bothered with that whole Valentine's day madness. But if I did, I would definitely want to spend the day in this Moschino Cheap and Chic lurex-knit heart dress.

Friday 12 February 2010

Alexander McQueen R.I.P.

Creating An Art Piece

Spring Summer 1999

The Bridegroom Stripped Bare
Performance on Fashion Deconstruction

Pegasus Light Installation

Spring Summer 2008

This is just a small part of the legacy Alexander McQueen leaves behind.

He will be missed.

(a thank you is in order for my friend, the director dipyadeep, who inspired me to do this video post)

Monday 8 February 2010

Fashion show? Hire an architect!

[photo by Fabrizio Marchesi]

Fashion designer Neil Barrett collaborated with architectural studio AquiliAlberg to present his Fall/Winter 2010 Iconic Hybrid Collection on January 17th at Milan Fashion Week.

AquiliAlberg studio designed a multi-layered prismatic installation, which acted as a gate between the catwalk and backstage, while also creating quite the interesting background for Barrett's minimalistic creations.

I love it when fashion and architecture meet in such a well-thought and impressive, yet simple and elegant way.

But, wait. You don't know who Neil Barrett is? Well, you'd be impressed! Wikipedia to the rescue:
After graduating from Central Saint Martin's and acquiring a Master's degree in men's fashion design by the Royal College of Art in London, Barrett started his career in Gucci in the early 1990s, where he was quickly promoted to senior menswear designer. After five successful years, he presented a project to Prada, proposing the launch of the company's first designer menswear collection. Under Barrett's direction, Prada became renowned among fashion insiders as the forerunner of "minimalist" menswear.Barrett started his own label in 1999, which was met with great success. He was able to open his first, free-standing Neil Barrett brand store in the central Tokyo Aoyama shopping district in 2001. In 2002 he joined the Milan Fashion calendar with his men’s collection and in 2006 he introduced his first women’s collection in New York Fashion Week.
[photo from here]

Well done, Mr Barrett!

On this latest collection, architectural website ArchDaily reads:
The Neil Barrett AW10 collection highlights the designer’s specific style by cutting garments up and splicing them together in new ways, horizontally, vertically and from back to front to create HYBRIDS. Set against the sculptural backdrop designed by AquiliAlberg, the collection is also a nod to the myriad ways that architecture influences dress.
This isn't the first time Neil Barrett collaborates with an architect.
[photo by]

Back in 2007, Barrett worked together with star-architect Zaha Hadid on the creation of a concept store that opened in September 2008 in Aoyama, Tokyo.

For more info on the Neil Barrett/AcuiliAlberg collaboration read the article ArchDaily article here and the Dezeen article here.

[photo by Fabrizio Marchesi]

To see the AcuiliAlberg's installation in action, don't forget to watch the entire Neil Barrett Iconic Hybrid Collection FW10 video on His collections are available online at,, and in Greece, at Carouzos Sketch.

Friday 5 February 2010

ZARA winter sales haul

This is my Zara loot from this season's sales. Just my Zara loot, that is. I also scored numerous things from other shops, which are still to be posted. I have to start from somewhere, right?


Grey mélange cropped sleeve sweater
Made from really fine, 100% wool fabric with zero itchiness. I don't know how they did that, probably magic. It is the sweater you saw me trying on inside a Zara fitting room back then.

Graphic print t-shirt
Only after I got home, I realised that the greenish-black graphic print I initially thought was totally abstract, is actually the picture of a pug. I'm more of a cat person, but I'll try to ignore that fact for the sake this t-shirt.

And have I mentioned the back is made of grey knit fabric? Yes.

Magenta sweater
The label says 70% silk, 20% cotton, 10% cashmere. That means it's so soft I want to sleep with my face buried in it. It also means I'll probably have to wash it by hand, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Plus, it's the perfect shape: Loose enough for my liking, a nice V-neck (not too wide, neither too deep) and cropped sleeves that mean I can wear it with my button-downs, with their sleeves casually pulled up. Thinking of librarian-chic outfits already.

Extra long camel cardigan
I own this cardi in anthracite grey as well (barely seen here) and once again, it was its softness, along with the easy-to-wear cafe au lait colour, that won me over. Well, at 70% silk and 30% cotton you can't go wrong. And yes, I admit I have an obsession with fine, soft fabrics.

Beige canvas cropped jacket
This was a totally compulsive buy, but one I'm not gonna regret, me thinks. I have avoided cropped jackets for so long, positively sure that they just don't flatter me, and only recently it downed me that I was just DOING IT WRONG! Expect many style experiments with this, come spring.


Charcoal grey masculine-look slacks
I love to use the word "slacks" instead of the american "pants" or the british"trousers". I first came upon this word while reading Lolita, where in the first chapter it reads "she was Lola in slacks". Mind you, I only understood its meaning after a couple dozen pages. Anyway, I got these slacks a size up on purpose, to make them look even more laid-back and masculine. Androgyny is on my to-do list this spring.

Light grey wide-leg slacks
Much alike the above pair, this one is actually a lot lighter both in matters of colour and fabric density, so it will have to wait another couple of months. But, when worn, man I tell you, it's so Great Gatsby-ish, I get a compulsion to hide my liquor.

Charcoal grey flannel shorts
Erhhm, yes. These a shorts. Made from flannel. Shorts for winter. I'm not sure if this experiment will succeed, but I'm willing to give it a try. Maybe with an oversized sweater, wool knee-high socks and wellies? Cause I'm adventurous like that.

Black jersey maxi skirt
I haven't done the maxi skirt thing for a decade. And even back then, it was denim. Which I'm not sure actually if it's supposed to be a good thing or something that I should never mention again here. BUT, I actually didn't buy this one to wear it as a skirt. The elasticized waist is the perfect width to fit my chest, so it will make a great loose strapless summer dress, belt and all. Nice.


Grey suede ballet flats with silver studs
I know I already have too many ballet flats. And too many grey shoes. BUT I love and wear them all, hence they're destined to fall apart. So, when I can get real leather suede grey ballet flats for 10 euros down from 40, why say no?

Brownish grey leather boots
I'm in love with these. I was skeptical at first, as at 25% off they were still a bit expensive, but I went ahead and bought them anyway and have been wearing them almost every single day since. I just love the colour, the quality, the calf height, the metal details and well, quite about everything about them!


Yes, I know this is lots of stuff. After big hauls like this one, I tend to stand back looking at all the carrier bags and wonder "gee, I did it again, didn't I?" But then, I remember that almost three quarters of my wardrobe consist of stuff I once got on sale for 20, 50 even 75% off. Without the sales I wouldn't be able to own my Chie Mihara heels, Camber kicks and Vialis sandals, my trusty Inci boots, my floral-lined Insight coat, my Luella clutch and just about everything I continually wear and love. The sales have always been a tool for me to build up my wardrobe to a point where I can say with certainty that I have all my basics covered. That way, I tend to only buy stuff when I need to replace something I wear really often and is bound to be destroyed, when I see a real bargain or when I want - and afford - to make a designer investment.

I love the sales. The rest of my sale buys are to be posted soon...