Sunday 28 February 2010

It's been a good week

...for fashion bloggers in Greece that is!

First came the March issue of Vogue Hellas, which celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Greece by featuring the multitalented Filep Motwary of uN nouVeau iDEAL, design blogger Costas Voyatzis of Yatzer, the lovely Miss Athènes, crazy duo Clemmie & Melroy and our dearest Christiana of Fashion Paths. (btw, killer legs honey!)

Then, on Friday we all gathered in Microsoft Innovation Center for the 14th GGD and watched Margarita Gourgourini of, Maria Papagrigoriou and Eleni Stasinopoulou, fashion eds in greek InStyle mag and bloggers behind, Elena of Life Full of Fashion and Haritini of The Soho Symposium each take the stand and give their personal views on fashion blogging in Greece.

The audience had a heart-warming reaction and asked numerous interesting questions, so many that I didn't even get to ask my own!

Last but not least, this Sunday, the weekly mag Big Fish that comes with Proto Thema newspaper, did an amazingly well-done six page spread about fashion bloggers in Greece featuring Alecca Rox, Life Full of Fashion, Life in Athens, Battered Couture and The Soho Symposium.

You can find it in pdf here.

The girls said it all in their very interesting interviews, I'm not sure if there's any more to say on my side, except that this is a rather pleasant change. Old media, new media... I say there's room for everyone!

Congrats bloggers!


panos srpk said...

Θα μπορουσαμε να το πουμε κι αλλιως: "η εκδικηση των ελληνων bloggers"!
Καιρος ηταν... ;)

Thalia said...

thank u hon for posting this! much appreciated and very well said!!!! :)

Jo said...

Μπραβο στα κοριτσια!!! ειχα δει μονο τη vogue, σε ευχαριστώ που ποσταρες και το pdf...

Alecca Rox said...

It was a good week and you squeezed it so well in this post, it's all there! thank u;)

daisychain said...

wow, great to see bloggers get positive recognition

Elena said...

Thank u Lopi!!!
I agree. It's so important that what we do is recognised! (And Christianas legs are awesome!)

Hari K said...

no time to scan those pics myself so i linked you!!
I'm so happy that all these things happened this past days that I can't get that smile out of my face!!!

thanks for the mentioning and for being there at the GGD!!

chloe said...

really nice articles & photos, thanks for the pdfs!