Friday 27 November 2009

Just before I start my day

No time for words. Just pictures.

Purple skirt, H&M. Medal brooch with french text, handmade by Naked Tile on Etsy. Khaki button-down shirt, Pull&Bear. Metal and leather belt, Massimo Dutti. Resin ring, Accessorize. Girl's face ring, handmade by Polindim on Etsy. Leather handbag with metal details, ZARA.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Vivienne, is that you?

Garance Doré says pirate boots are the official footwear of the coolest girls she knows. I'll have to take her word for it. Although our favourite parisienne was referring to the original Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, the ones I found in Zara seem like a nice alternative.

But Zara boots for €49,95 (even if they're real leather) actually make me think of saving up for the originals.

What do you think?

Monday 23 November 2009


green top 400
A while ago, my sister saw me wearing this top. "Amazing" she squealed and decisively added "I want it". "Fine" I said. "How much would you pay for it?" She offered €20, I agreed and we shook hands.

Great deal, considering I had bought in on sale for €6.
Love you sis!

Green top, BERSHKA. Denim skirt, ZARA. Leather belt, ZARA.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Fashion and architecture. Huh?

[pic BKRW]

You want fashion and architecture? I'll give you some.
Hell, I'll even throw in a pop star and a dose of avant-garde art, while we're at it.

So, here's Lady Gaga debuting her new ballad at the MOCA's 30th anniversary party, wearing a hat designed by Frank Gehry and a dress by Prada, while playing on a Steinway grand piano painted pink with blue butterflies by Damien Hirst.

MOCA stands for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Read the whole story and see more pictures here:

Thursday 19 November 2009

Grey matter

Nice, but not quite "me".
Shift dresses are amazing, but I still don't feel they could be part of my everyday wardrobe.

Not yet.

Grey wool shift dress with matching belt, ZARA.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Can't get enough of da Sugahspank!

Last night we had a special music gathering with ma girlz Alecca and Bianca at Stavros Tou Notou club, hosted by the incredible, the invicible Sugahspank!

Whatta night!
I can now officially say that Georgia is a true diva on stage, and a real sweetheart off it.

The first part of the show was inspired by Voodoo and New Orleans, with Sugahspank singing gospel, soul and the blues, along with the amazing Swing Shoes band. I'm totally on a nostalgic summer mood now, after seeing that amazing flower hair ornament on her.

She definitely put a voodoo spell on us.

And then, the second part of the show was totally groovy, with Sugahspank bringing da hip to da hop along with DJ Oxocube.

And our diva totally delivered sartorially in her pink leopard-print dress, yellow sneakers, trucker cap and impressive bling bling.

And don't forget to check Alecca's post on our amazing night. She also managed to grab some vid aaaaand two pics featuring me and ma girlz. And as always, she got her post up in the speed of light. Girl, you are the flash-blogger!

I officially declare Tuesdays as the new Saturdays!

Monday 16 November 2009

Blue. Also, pink is the new red

Meet my new babies! Aren't they beautiful? Got them at good old Dorothy Perkins, during my recent trip to the UK. And no, they did not cost an arm and a leg. Unless you are willing to sell aforementioned body parts for 30 quid.

I'm seriously contemplating putting them on display in my bookcase instead of wearing them outside, where the beautiful soles will be destroyed in a second. One step too far?

Anyway, judging by the number of comments on this post lots of you agree on my view that forgotten stickers on the bottom of our new shoes look vile and disgusting, so I decided to do a mini tutorial on how to remove these suckers fast, easy and without any glue residue.

First, blast the bottom of the shoe with hot air from your hairdryer. About three minutes will do. The glue will soften and you will be able to remove even the peskier ones. Gently start to peel off the stickers. Just remember that if you take too long, the glue will cool off again, so you might need to use the hairdrier once or twice more to finish the job.

I was rather lucky, as the shoes had a protective film that took all the other bad boys with it, once removed.

Still can't get over those pink soles. Christian who?

Monday 9 November 2009

Secret weapons

Sometimes when I'm down, knowing that I can randomly flash a stranger with my floral coat lining or make someone do a double take of my pink soles, are enough thoughts to make me feel a bit better.

. Scarf, H&M. Sweatpants, DECIBEL. Shoes, CAMPER.

Sunday 8 November 2009

Three shoe lessons learned at AXDW


Girls, you are more than welcome to choose Zara over some other fancy designer label, that costs an arm and a leg. After all, we are not all pop stars with wardrobes full of Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and YSL, right?

But please, do remember to peel off the red "alarm system" sticker all Zara shoes bear. It's not pretty and it's definitely not supposed to stay at the bottom of your new shoes.

My friend Angela - who is not shortsighted like me and is really good with details - actually
spotted one of those stickers on the sole of a model's shoe on the actual runway. The horror!


We all get that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts when we discover something we just bought is an exact match for something else already in our wardrobes. We let ourselves get silly-happy for a moment and then we resist the urge to wear them together just to prove they match. That's what I do, at least.

And let us not deal with the red plaid pants issue now. No need, right?


Actually, the orange mary-janes above (spotted right after the Andy The Ahn show) are a great example of cute, edgy and fun shoes a young woman can wear at fashion week. And further more, what an inspired combination the teal tights are!

I was very pleased to see that example.

But apparently so was the wearer herself, as she wore the exact same combo five days later, on Wednesday November 4th, at the Tassos Vrettos "Athens: City and Cinema" photography exhibition opening party (my twitpic from that evening) at the Benaki Museum.

I'm neither condemning nor condoning it. I just happened to be there to document it. As a matter of fact, I'm guilty of doing the exact same thing with my grey peep-toe booties and black tights. But I got away with it, as no-one took a picture of me on both days... Did they?

See more shoes from AXDW chez Alecca Rox here and here.

Friday 6 November 2009

Digitaria Winter Gathering

Just came back from K44, where DIGITARIA held their WINTER GATHERING party, releasing the DRAGGING THE FORTIES Men’s & Women’s Collections. Famous for the same-name cult boutique in Soho of London (Style Bubble posted about it back in June) DIGITARIA is actually a Greek fashion label, created by Eleftheria Arapoglou and Stavros Karelis.

Some one-off pieces - exclusively made for the evening - were up for sale at the showroom. A gorgeous full-length illuminated mirror and a spacecraft-looking white changing booth, as well as Eleftheria herself (wearing her own amazing tulip-shaped shorts, below) were there to help anyone who wanted to try on the clothes.

I suspect Alfredo didn't resist a little DIGITARIA something. Although I left too early to know, I'm sure he went home with that black lace men's scarf.

DIGITARIA's showroom at K44 (Konstantinoupoleos 44, Gazi) is open Monday-Wednesday-Friday afternoons. Better drop an e-mail to Eleftheria first ( before you pop in to admire the clothes!

[first two pics are by Yorgos Mavropoulos for DIGITARIA]

Thursday 5 November 2009

Too posh to tweet?

Thankfully, not everyone thinks that way! Glad to see bryanboy made quite an impression at Milan Fashion Week...

This is how it all works now.

So, dear too-posh-to-care fashion designers, take notice: It's called social media. If you don't embrace it, it's gonna eat you alive. Still not convinced? See this and that.
Oh, and let's not forget WWD. By the way, hello Anna, love you! Happy 60th birthday.

I die.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Miltos SS2010 show at AXDW

Dress by Miltos SS2010 at AXDWDress by Miltos SS2010 at AXDW
Miltos presented his SS20101 collection at AXDW last Sunday. It was a virtual time-travel to 1940's Paris and we loved it! Τhe music of Édith Piaf was masking our gasps, as we admired the luxurious coats, classic blazers, fitted pencil skirts and amazing evening dresses made with velvet, silk and feathers.

The press release reads:

Born in Athens, Miltos' first contact with fashion was as a production and sales manager in a well-known company with silk garments. His experience in raw materials together with his love for high quality resulted in starting up his own studio 17 years ago, while studying fashion at Veloudakis Fashion School. Feminine lines, all time classic elegance, fresh style with high class, would be a close description to his work. Miltos currently works at his studio in Kolonaki, where he creates pret-a-porter and haute couture collections, as well as unique bridals.

Some may argue that there's no innovation in re-introducing fashions from past decades. I say, sometimes a designer who is a master in handling quality materials and haute couture techniques and who can deliver that old-school glamour we all love, is all we need. N'est pas?

[All pictures mine. Do not use without permission.]