Wednesday 18 November 2009

Can't get enough of da Sugahspank!

Last night we had a special music gathering with ma girlz Alecca and Bianca at Stavros Tou Notou club, hosted by the incredible, the invicible Sugahspank!

Whatta night!
I can now officially say that Georgia is a true diva on stage, and a real sweetheart off it.

The first part of the show was inspired by Voodoo and New Orleans, with Sugahspank singing gospel, soul and the blues, along with the amazing Swing Shoes band. I'm totally on a nostalgic summer mood now, after seeing that amazing flower hair ornament on her.

She definitely put a voodoo spell on us.

And then, the second part of the show was totally groovy, with Sugahspank bringing da hip to da hop along with DJ Oxocube.

And our diva totally delivered sartorially in her pink leopard-print dress, yellow sneakers, trucker cap and impressive bling bling.

And don't forget to check Alecca's post on our amazing night. She also managed to grab some vid aaaaand two pics featuring me and ma girlz. And as always, she got her post up in the speed of light. Girl, you are the flash-blogger!

I officially declare Tuesdays as the new Saturdays!


Alecca Rox said...

can't get enough;) tuesdays are ok, I'm up for more sugahspunk too!!

lol- The Flash-Blogger.

Lee Turtle said...

Jelaous jelaous jelaous!

Wanderlusting said...

I never heard of sugahspunk before but that name alone is enough to make me start listening!

Sugahspank! said...

kamari mou! prwto trapezi pista tha sas exw oles kathe trith mprosta mprosta!!!!!!!
just one question:
are ALL bloggers HOT or what???????!

battered couture said...

sugahspank: I concur! Meiname malakes me tis omorfies. :)))