Saturday 29 November 2008

Chez Wake

What I wore last night to my boyfriend's house. Let me tell you, there are zero clear walls for outfit pictures in that house. That first one above was taken in the entrance corridor and that's why my head and feet were cropped. It is too damn narrow!

I migrated to the kitchen. More room, weird light hitting me from above and a few dirty dishes in the sink. But hey, who am I to judge anyone's domestic skills?

BERSHKA blue beanie hat
BERSHKA green army jacket
MANGO beige jersey scarf
ZARA grey knit sweater
ZARA long salmon-colored t-shirt
HELMI black skirt (originally a-line, bubble hemmed by me)
BERSHKA black fake leather bag
PULL AND BEAR gray ballerina flats

Oh, and yes, it is his artwork in the background of the first picture. You can see more in his myspace here. He may leave the odd dish unwashed, but he offsets it by being a really talented artist!

Thursday 27 November 2008


When my day started this morning, it didn't take me long to realise that almost all of my favourite blogs were on vacation. It's Thanksgiving in the good old U. S. of A. and my american friends will be showing their gratefulness by eating tons of comfort food and watching crap TV. Let me tell ya, there's nothing wrong with that. Personally, I don't even need a special day for it. Many also took the time to list their reasons to be thankful and asked their dear readers to do the same. I gave that idea some brief thought, but couldn't think of anything other than the totally obvious (family, friends, health) and that isn't write-worthy material, in my humble opinion. So, I just kept vegging out in front of my laptop, browsing through a long list of blogs I like, when I reached The Clothes Horse and had an epiphany:


Wow! Need I say more? I've been wishing for that since I started reading fashion blogs, waaaaaay ago, but until this day nothing. And suddenly, my prayers are answered. So thank you God, Buddha, Allah, the Universe, Rebecca, Alkisti and Aris. Thank you!

All the rest of you visit streetgeist now. It doesn't only exist, it is actually good too!

E stands for...

Two of my favourite bloggers, Elena and Little Stylist gave me the E for Excellent award. Thank you so much girls! I wish I had beat you to it, because I think your blogs are amazing! Many bloggers out there probably got that award already, so I'll just give it to my latest favourite, greek fashion blogging rookie blog-tales! Keep up the fabulous work, girl!

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Last night

Yes, this chaos is actually my sitting room, which also doubles as a study room and a craft room. And a mini library, apparently. Anyway, last night I went out for a quick glass of wine. I had to get ready really quickly or my friends would get really sleepy, so I just grabbed whatever I could see in my closet that would be warm enough, comfortable and bar-worthy. Oh, and excuse the crappy photos, this is what happens when you only live at night.

Black dress worn as skirt, BADILA. Gray v-neck sweater, BERSHKA. Black trench coat and green beanie hat, ZARA. Brown boots, WONDERS. Black scarf, H&M. Mum's vintage black leather bow belt.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Design for s1ngles

One of my favourite projects presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale was S1NGLETOWN by creative agency Droog and dutch communications experts KesselsKramer. In their own words:
S1NGLETOWN focuses on the world of contemporary singles. Its relevance is broad, as all of us are likely to belong to this group at some stage in our lives — and likely more than once. In fact, some sources predict that a third of people in developed countries will be living alone by 2026. S1NGLETOWN is an exhibition that's also a town, an abstract interpretation of a new kind of urban space. Visitors will be able to walk its streets and interact with its products and citizens, and view their homes.

An example? This complex of chairs designed to force people into coming closer in public places.I may not be single, but I loved all the objects of S1NGLETOWN. My personal favourites? Those that managed to combine the architectural idea of space around us with fashion, of course. Some where meant to help singles find other singles, like this:

A JACKET FOR LONELY PEOPLE is a jacket made of velcro strips. The lonely single walks around their city, hoping to bump into someone else with the same jacket. On contact, the two jackets connect, creating an instant social situation. Made by COMPANY - Aarriu Song & Johan Ollin.

However, some designers realised that maybe a single would rather prefer to stay that way, and worked towards this purpose, like in this project:

LIFE DRESS is a means of creating instant privacy in crowds. The wearer activates air cartridges to inflate the skirt, turning it into a human-sized bubble. Made by AnnaMariaCornelia De Gersem.
Other designs were created while having in mind that both sad lonely and happy alone singles are likely to be rather messy.

MESSY is a wardrobe designed for people who like to throw their clothes, instead of tidily folding them. Made by Borikbasarinci - Ezgi Tuzun & Ozan Tuzan.
And last, but not least, something to cuddle when faced with a lonely evening after a long day.

NANNOLO is a stylish teddy bear for single grown-ups - hug it and never sleep alone. Made by Fucina - Martina Albasini.
What do you think?

Monday 24 November 2008

It's getting cold

Shame on me! Not only I went all architectural on you this last week, I also left you without new posts for two whole days! Bad, bad Lopi! So, here's what I threw on today for a quick pop downtown to pay my credit card bill, which may I add was actually really modest this time. My boyfriend said that I looked like I was skipping my morning class. Like, in high school. And I actually believe he has a point...Black trench coat and dark jeans, ZARA. T-shirt, Zara Kids. Bag, scarf and cardigan, BERSHKA. Gray cami, H&M. Converse All Stars.

Anyway, while I was downtown, I also picked up two metres of wide elastic to finish up some skirt sewingsome new warm tights from Calzedonia (they also make wool thigh-highs now, warm AND sexy)and some british glossies for cosying up on the sofa.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and put the coffee brewer on!

Friday 21 November 2008

More architecture from the Biennale

Today's pictures are all about the architects' vision at the Arsenale.

Sorry, but I really don't have time to write more about them. I just arrived in Volos after an awful trip (angry farmers had a sit-in protest in the middle of the national highway and I had to drive for five hours instead of three) and right nowI have to go and see a special someone... The pictures speak for themselves anyway!

Thursday 20 November 2008

Mostra Internazionale di Architettura

As I mentioned in previous posts, the actual purpose of my trip to Italy was not shopping, as some may have presumed. The Biennale is an international architecture exhibition that takes place every two years, in two different venues in Venice. This year the theme was titled Out There: Architecture Beyond Building. I may be starting on the architectural mumbo jumbo here, but the actual words of Aaron Betsky, the Biennale director, were:
"It should be obvious that architecture is not building. Architecture must go beyond buildings, because buildings are not enough. [...] Most buildings are ugly, useless and wasteful. Yet architecture is beautiful. It can place us in the world in a way no other art can. It can make us at home in a modern reality. It offers and shapes that most precious and luxurious of all phenomena in the modern world: space. The exhibition seeks to collect and encourage experimentation in architecture. [...] The 11th Architecture Exhibition, Out There: Architecture Beyond Building will therefore present installations, manifestos and utopian visions in the venues of the Arsenale and the Padiglione Italia at the Giardini. These experiments developed here to meet the specific goal of the exhibition: to experiment with forms that will renew architecture, the space we live in, our own existence."
In addition to that there where also 56 participating countries, each one with a different vision to present on the theme of Architecture Beyond Building, and this is what the pictures today are about:

Tommorow it will be all about the Arsenale. For those who would like to learn more about the Venice Biennale of Architecture, visit the official site here.