Friday 14 November 2008

The art of keeping tootsies dry

As the Comme des Garçons frenzy cools down, our preparations for Venice are reaching their peak. Most important item in each one of our four suitcases? Rain boots. For the moment, the weather forecast looks like it is on our side, but a forecast is just that and when it rains in Venice, you'd better pack swim fins. So, all four of us have been searching for the holly grail of rain boots: They must be comfortable enough to wear all day in the Biennale, not break the bank and also be a tad bit cute. After all we will be a bunch of girls in Venice and we want to look nice, dammit! I actually solved my problem three years ago, when I got my brown Camper boots. They may be a bit too big on the eye, but they have a really cute green elastic ribbon detail on their back and most importantly, they are amazingly comfortable, even after a whole day of sightseeing. I also have another pair of charchoal gray Pull and Bear rainboots, but these will be on Jasmine's feet for this trip. Virginia will be the most colorful of all, as she got the cutest Pepe Jeans bright yellow galoshes a few weeks ago. And Archo, well she is the sneakiest. You see, she found these rubber boots in the picture above in an Army supply store, on the last minute and for just 18 euros. Isn't it infuriating?


Amy said...

I've just read your previous post and noticed that the "comme des garcons" item you photographed was made in Romania (my country :P)Why is that so funny? Because they're not sold in romanian stores, I had to see a picture on a greek blog to know that they are manufactured locally :P
Anyway, I want to congratulate you (even though I'm a bit late) on buying those amazing Zara stilettos. I will forever hate you now for having them :P
Have fun in Venice and don't forget to post once in a while, I've only recently started to read you but I really like your blog and your fashion style.

Anonymous said...

i love wellies!