Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Added value valuecom SS2012 press day shot by panagiotis
At Valuecom's press day, last Tuesday.
Photo shot by Panagiotis Barous.

Orange skirt, BLANCO. Sweater with stripes and grey circle scarf, BENETTON. Brown studded belt, MANGO. Grey round-toe maryjanes, LA STRADA.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Digitaria at 4FASHIONSHAKE IV 4fashionshake IV digitaria 1 4fashionshake IV digitaria 2 4fashionshake IV digitaria 3 4fashionshake IV digitaria 4 4fashionshake IV digitaria 5 4fashionshake IV digitaria 6 4fashionshake IV digitaria 7 4fashionshake IV digitaria 8 4fashionshake IV digitaria 9
Digitaria's presentation at 4FASHIONSHAKE IV wasn't just a fashion show, it was more like a music and art performance.

Etten composed the original music and performed live on stage along with Niadoka.

The dark and twisted (pun intended) concept was conceived by artist H.O.P.E. who has worked before both with Etten on her music video for 20.45 sling directed by Babis Makridis and also Eleftheria Arapoglou of Digitaria, designing a series of t-shirts titled "The birth of n.7" that came out on December 2010.

Monday, 28 November 2011

4FASHIONSHAKE IV - my outfit shot by ioanna hatziandreou shot by ioanna hatziandreou 4 shot by ioanna hatziandreou 2 shot by ioanna hatziandreou 1
Silk maxi skirt and pumpkin jacket, Zara. Circle scarf, Benetton. Black-and-white top, Badila. Brown leather boots, Inci. Cognac leather bag, Uterqüe. shot by ioanna hatziandreou 3
All pics shot by my friend Ioanna Hatziandrou, one of the best fashion photographers in Greece and it's not just me saying that!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

4FASHIONSHAKE IV - the party 4fashionshake IV party lopi thalia
I may not be over posting about the 4FASHIONSHAKE IV designers, but I couldn't miss out sharing the party pics as well. 4fashionshake IV party joanaddicted
Joanaddicted wearing Hysteria Asteria 4fashionshake IV party bad spencer
Bad Spencer spinning. 4fashionshake IV party valia
Valia with her pink lipstick and pink drink. 4fashionshake IV party absolut
Absolut Mode designed by Gareth Pugh.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Shaun Samson Man SS2012 shaun samson ss2012 at 4fashionshake IV
Shaun Samson presented his man SS2012 collection last Wednesday at the 4FASHIONSHAKE IV by OZON.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to fix my camera settings (translation: I still haven't figured out my DSLR completely) so all my pics look somewhat "burned"... shaun samson ss2012 at 4fashionshake IV 2 shaun samson ss2012 at 4fashionshake IV 1 shaun samson ss2012 at 4fashionshake IV 3

Lucky for you, in the video everything looks better!

SHAUN SAMSON - Man SS12 from OZON magazine on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

4FASHIONSHAKE IV - the video teaser

Directed, shot & edited by Dimitris Tsatsoulis
Assistant Director: Tassos Kafes
Styling by Stamos Michael & Spiros Savvinos
Production Co-ordinator: Danai Papadimitriou
Hair & Make up by Sophia Kossada
Production Supervisor: Photoharrie

4FASHIONSHAKE IV by OZON took place tonight at Pallas Theatre in the heart of downtown Athens and I'm happy to report it was absolutely amazing.

More to follow as soon as I edit the pics.

Monday, 21 November 2011

SOMF checked in at room A8 SOMF at the fashion room service 02 SOMF at the fashion room service 03 SOMF at the fashion room service 01
Mariaflora Papapanagiotou and Olivia Efstathiou are ΣΟΜΦ.

See more at

Diesel checked in at room G23-24 room service diesel room service diesel room service diesel room service diesel 02
Diesel showed their SS2012 collection titled Worksville in double room G23-24. room service diesel 4
Actual models were lounging on the beds, so that at first glance it kinda gave the impression that you had accidentally walked into an actual room.

Oh well, at least they were dressed!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Freddy checked in at room G21 fashion room service freddy fashion room service freddy 01 fashion room service freddy 03
Freddy is a sportswear label from Italy.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hummel at room G22 fashion room service hummel 04 fashion room service hummel 05
Hummel participated in The Fashion Room Service by OZON RAW, occupying room G22. fashion room service hummel 06
Now I just really need a certain pair of lemon yellow kicks featuring the original Gummy Bear.


Friday, 18 November 2011

Absolut checked in at room G26 the fashion room service absolut
As a person who had navy blue curtains in her bedroom throughout her teens, I loved the blue room hosted by Absolut Mode, sporting the new octagonal bottle adorned with dark blue satin ribbon created by Gareth Pugh. the fashion room service absolut simos
Too bad it didn't occur to me at the time to have my pic taken posing as a smurf, like Simos. the fashion room service absolut detail
As I happen to have a bottle of my own at home, explicit instructions for making a bloody great Bloody Mary are to follow.

Melina Pispa checked in at room G25 the fashion room service melina pispa 1 the fashion room service melina pispa 3 the fashion room service melina pispa 2
Melina's room was the first one I entered last Wednesday, at The Fashion Room Service by OZON RAW. She's a cutie and her clothes are of the romantic, whimsical kind that make my imagination travel in fairytale stories.

Visit to see more.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

2nd edition, served by OZON fashion room service st george lycabettus
Last night, somewhere up the hill of Lycabettus in Kolonaki. fashion room service st george lycabettus barbarigosMr Vassilis Barbarigos taking a break fashion room service st george lycabettus lifeinathens
Blurry Thalia fashion room service st george lycabettus maddie
Maddie in white fashion room service st george lycabettus lopi
Seriously now, I think I'm gonna have to do waaaay too many posts to cover all the rooms and designers that participated in this season's Fashion Room Service, possibly one for each designer.

Stay tuned, I have some really nice things to show you.

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Fashion Room Service, 2nd edition


Remember those happy moments? The Fashion Room Service is happening once again this Wednesday!

OZON Raw once again will be gathering our favourite fashion people and brands (complete list and bios here) plus their creations, all under one roof to meet, see and feel.

Extra perks, the quite lady-like Tea Party by Lipton and after eight cocktails by Absolut.

More info here