Monday 7 November 2011

At the Badila Headquarters

Badila is a Greek, family-owned brand that has layed low for quite a while now, keeping out of magazines and traditional coverage. Still, I believe their low profile is just part of the brand's charm.

A visit at their headquarters and commercial showroom some weeks ago, was all I needed to start believing in the Greek fashion industry again.

And like my friend Eva said, their clothes are the only Greek-designed and Greek-made clothes that many others try to copy, yet no-one can.

Plus, the showroom is an interior design triumph inside a plain old athenian apartment, designed and realised by the founder of the company himself.

A true fashion architect.

As for me, over the years I have ammassed several well-picked, loved and sometimes worn-to-death Badila items, some dating back to 1998.
This cropped black-and-white top is my latest acquisition.

Badila is now entering the social media era, so if you want to keep up with their many updates, head over to their facebook page and show them you "like" them.


haritini said...

I love your top! And yes Badila way to go, stay greek and keep your prices relevant that's all I had to say :)

S said...

i wish i knew about this before i visited your country :) but i have noted it down for next time! x

steph /

Leinti nti said...

exoune site? e-shop?

Lopi said...

λειντι ντι, έχουνε site ( το έχω λινκ στο πρώτο "Badila" του κειμένου του ποστ) το οποίο σκοπεύουν να ανανεώσουν αυτόν τον καιρό

e-shop δυστυχώς δεν έχουν, και δεν προβλέπεται να κάνουν σύντομα :(

Anonymous said...

I love your top too! :) Was it expensive? I've never purchased anything from Badila, so I don't know what their price range is... I'll be sure to visit one of their stores soon, I really liked their clothes on fb!

Anonymous said...

Love their clothes and when I vist Greece I shop most of my clothes from there. Question though? Is the fabric they use Greek? Just curious.