Wednesday 26 April 2017

Almost outdoors

Personal style blogs mean it takes personal work. I don't walk around with a world-class street style photographer following my every step, so I get things done with my DSLR on timer mode at the balcony. Oh, and the baby in his high chair, out of the picture but definitely feeling very amused.

Sweater, ZARA. Floral midi skirt and black belt, vintage from my mum's closet. Black lace-up espadrilles and backpack, MIGATO.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

10 Reasons I Love MyCarrier by Stokke

After having a baby, moms try to find solutions that will make their everyday life easier and more enjoyable. And it’s great to share knowledge and experiences, so that others may learn or benefit from them. That’s way I wanted to pen down this post about my love for Stokke MyCarrier.

Here are 10 reasons I believe Stokke MyCarrier is one of the best baby gear buys that new parents can make:

1. It is really, really well-made

As an architect married to an architect, aesthetics, usability and great design are values of great importance in our household.

Stokke MyCarrier has won an award in recognition of its innovation, aesthetics and usability, having been named as a reddot awards product design 2013 winner:
"This baby carrier grows with the child – without compromising on comfort or ergonomics for the baby. Suitable for newborns, babies and toddlers up to approximately three years of age, it offers two carrying options in front and one in the back."
Let me re-phrase that: You get 3 baby-carrying options in one sleek buy. Plus, it’s made from 100% cotton, making it super breathable and baby skin friendly.

2. It is safe for the baby’s hips

This is a super touchy subject for babywearing folks, so I was relieved to find out that Stokke MyCarrier is acknowledged as a hip-healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and medical experts.

3. It is easy to put on

Let me tell you how babywearing started for me: MyCarrier wasn’t the first baby carrier I tried after having a baby. I started my adventures with a baby wrap, the one-piece-of-cloth kind, when he was just a few weeks old. It was great in “hugging” him all over and making him feel safe pressed against me,  but it was a pain in the ass to put on, with all the wrapping around and twisting and puling. And it was nearly impossible to put on when outside, with the long tails of fabric swiping the filthy floor. Ugh!

I love the fact MyCarrier is really fast and easy to strap on, even on the go. That’s way I now always carry it along with my stroller. If the baby gets fussy, into the MyCarrier he goes and all is good.

4. We will be using it for a long time

MyCarrier isn’t cheap  -and it shouldn’t be, given all the great design, engineering and quality materials that went into making it. As an investment buy, it was great to know that we could use it from 4 weeks up to 3 years.
  • Babies from 4 weeks up to roughly 9 months can be carried in the front, facing the parent, with the head rest providing the necessary support for newborn's neck and head.
  • From 5 months up to about 9 months the baby can be also carried facing forward, to have a better view of the world.
  • And from about 9 months for up to 3 years, they can be carried in the back, in a high seating position for a great panoramic view.

5. Dad wears it too

Stokke MyCarrier is fully adjustable to fit all bodies and unisex in design, so that everyone can enjoy babywearing!

6. It makes you mobile on every terrain

Do you have to go up and down stairs? Do you live in a city where parked cars and terrible sidewalks are giving you a hard time in your outings with bebe? Or simply fancy a trek in the woods? With a stroller, forget it. But with MyCarrier, you simply strap on the kid and go.

7. It frees your hands

Going grocery shopping with the baby in a stroller means you can’t use a shopping cart and you end up carrying a heavy shopping basket. Doing the same with the baby in MyCarrier revolutionized grocery shopping for me.

8. You can go out in the rain

More about  the “freeing your hands” thing. Going out with a stroller in the rain is a nightmare. Going out with the baby strapped snuggly on you, an umbrella  in hand and a pair of rain boots is a total game changer.

9. It’s great exercise

On a lighter note, babies are heavy! Imagine the all the extra calories you will burn just by going for a walk with the baby strapped on you.

10. It keeps the baby happy

There’s no going around the fact that human babies love to be held and carried around. MyCarrier makes that easier while going on with your life, and this applies to all 3 configurations:
    The front carry facing towards the parent is the perfect positioning for keeping a newborn feeling safe and snuggle, plus the bouncing sensation when walking works like magic in colics.
    The front carry facing outwards is the best when the baby starts to feel bored facing you and is curious to see the world.  

    And finally, the back carry gives the child a great taste of how the world looks like from a grown-up's point of view.

    If you love Stokke and live in Greece, I suggest liking - they share photos of real mums and dads enjoying their Stokke gear!

    Do you babywear? How has it been so far?