Thursday 29 January 2009

Three of a kind

Reader Marta commented on my Shopping makes the world go round post, asking me to model my recent purchases. Unfortunately, I have been reaaaally tied up these days, doing work for my final thesis, with no free time whatsoever for an organized and proper outfit post. I managed, however, to shoot these two pictures last night, just before I went to bed. I'm wearing my two old favourites, the giant engagement ring necklace and another one with beads, that used to hold a locket that, unfortunately, fell off. I always wear those two together, but this time, along with them, I added my new find, the tree of life necklace. All three look great layered on top of each other as they are all made of the same dark gold/bronze coloured metal, which I find very versatile and flattering for my colouring.

Great timing, too. One of my favourite blog-friends, Sal of Already Pretty recently posted an amazing video tutorial on how to layer our own ordinary, plain necklaces to create a new statement piece that will transform any outfit in a second. Be sure to check it out!

And a small announcement: For the next month or so, posting and commenting will be scarce, due to architecture school final thesis work. I won't totally dissapear, though, so bear with me.

Monday 26 January 2009

Taggity tag

I got tagged by the lovely Scandinavian girl living in The Netherlands who writes Love And Youth to present you with the 4th picture of my 4th sub-folder.
Oooops, problem there.

You see, I am a Virgo and an architect. Which roughly translates to "I like to be super organized", especially about my pictures. So, I have all my picture folders named in a format. And all the pictures inside each folder number.jpg... That way everything is automatically organized in chronological order and I always remember the event or the place.
Yes, I am that anal about it... It's under control. I think.
So, the 4th folder happens to be pictures taken during the summer of 2003 (yeah, I'm old too). I do not wish this blog to turn into Fashion Architect: Swimsuit Edition, so I am forced to bend the rules in order to play the game.

Presenting to you the 132th picture of the 5th folder...

Lopi in the Diagonal Park in Barcelona, during an architecture school trip in spring 2004.

The park was designed by EMBT Architects, aka the
husband and wife architecture duo Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue. A sad story lies beneath, as Enric Miralles died in 2000 at age 45 by a brain tumor. He was buried in the Igualada Cemetery, which he designed himself in 1984. Wikipedia describes the Igualada Cemetery as one of the most poetic works of twentieth century Catalan architecture. His wife continues the EMBT architectural practice till this day.

As usually, I am of the last ones to catch on a tagging "trend", so I don't know many people who haven't done the 4th picture/4th file thing. But I've already broke one rule, so I really can't skip this one, can I?

I'm tagging
Chloe in the sky

Good luck girls!

Sunday 25 January 2009

Shopping makes the world go round

...or not. I'm not trying to get into a debate here! I just thought I'd show you my latest *sales* finds:

Gray loose shirt dress from Zara

Black peep-toe wood wedges from Zara.
They're exactly like my red ones that I wore all last summer AND they fulfill my resolution on wearing more wedges and medium height heels.

Long green wool cardigan.
I bought that mostly because I love the color green, but also because I like my name on the tag, and it's not Monica.

Jiggly metal bracelets
and Tree of Life pendant from Pull and Bear. Reaaally cheap.

But among all these gains, there was also a loss. The lining of my favorite black leather INCI boots got torn one morning as I was trying to put them on, so now my foot just won't go in all the way in. I will try and figure out if there's some way to repair them, but with the damage being inside the boot, I find it highly unlikely.

Oh well, nothing lasts forever, as Axl sang...

Saturday 24 January 2009


Two days ago, Jasmine and I were in Plaka, the most picturesque neighborhood of Athens. We were there to interview Tom, the famous homeless Irishman of Plaka. Tom lives in the remains of a 19th century building, which he has transformed into a small but functional home by re-using stuff he finds in the trash. Green living in its purest form. And that's a professional opinion.

Leaving Tom's place, our eye was caught in the window of an antique jewelery shop. We got in mostly on curiosity, but after seeing the prices, I could not go home empty-handed. I got this amazing fish necklace. It looks like it's gold-plated, but for 5 euros, I wouldn't care even if it was totally fake. I love it!

Thursday 22 January 2009

Forgive me, readers...'s been three days since my last post. I am in Athens doing some work for my final thesis, so posting and commenting are on a temporary hiatus.

Back in a few days!

Monday 19 January 2009

Blue and pink, pink and blue

Sales are still going strong here in Greece, and today I payed my respects to Mango. Now, I should mention that due to my previous extravagant buy, I promised myself that for this sales season, I won't be buying anything else too expensive, and certainly not much more stuff.

So far, I believe I'm doing good.

My new finds are a cuter-than-cute short-sleeved pink button-down shirt and a perfectly tailored and fully lined blue-gray bubble hem skirt.They can be worn together, but I think they will be really versatile with other pieces of my wardrobe, as well. Especially now that I practically live in skirts.Together, they only cost 35 euros. And they're cuuuuuuuute!

Sunday 18 January 2009

Bright in the dark

Why is it girls in Greece wear all-black to go clubbing? It just makes you disappear in the dark crowd... Last night I went out clubbing first time after two years (I'm a rather homey person) and I took advantage of the opportunity by wearing my bright mustard yellow skirt, silver-gray top and white onyx necklace. Nice and bright.

Yellow skirt, BENETTON.
Silver-gray racerback top, BERSHKA. Black top (layered underneath), ATTRATTIVO. Black leather obi belt, some shop in Volos. White onyx bead necklace, made by me with beads bought in Turkey.

As for shoes, I wore my black Chie Mihara Solita. But, in the crowd, you couldn't see them anyway...

Butterflies in my stomach

More blog-love coming my way, in the form of an award this time. The lovely Lili3 from Abu Dhabi granted me The Butterfly Award, which is for the 10 loveliest blogs one knows. Thanks sweetie! Now, I don't want to be a bummer, but I know many of you have gotten so many tags and awards, it tends to get confusing. So, if you are in my list and you are just not into the whole thing, you don't have to continue the tagging. You are still lovely!

Dear readers, this is a fine chance for you to discover some really amazing blogs. So, without further ado and in random order, I give you:

The 10 Loveliest Blogs I Know
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Saturday 17 January 2009

I feel YOUNG

It feels very refreshing to see that the greek media are finally acknowledging our existence. The February issue of YOUNG magazine is running an article on greek fashion bloggers, featuring Shopping Therapy, Life Full of Fashion, Blog-tales, Streetgeist and yours truly. Vasia Tzanakari, the journalist behind this article, did a great job presenting each of our blogs, while offering her readers a very detailed introduction to the world of fashion blogging. A good read, indeed.

And as I learned earlier today, mum and dad liked it too.
My 94-year-old grandma didn't offer any comments, though.

Friday 16 January 2009

Maravilloso Maraveyas

Last night Kostis Maraveyas and his band played live in Volos.

I don't know a lot about music, so I don't have the knowledge or vocabulary to describe them, but I can say this: They were
simply amazing!

To my Greek readers: if you haven't seen them live yet, please do! They play in Athens every Monday and in Thessaloniki every Friday. We tried to convince them to add Thursdays in Volos to their schedule... They were almost convinced.

To learn about their upcoming shows and to listen to their songs, you can also visit their myspace profile.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Got them!

Don't worry babies, now you're home.

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Seriously contemplating...

... the Saigon boots by Chie Mihara.
I tried them on in a local store. They are cute, edgy, flattering, easy to wear, unbelievably comfortable, SIMPLY AMAZING. And 40% off.

But still really, really expensive.

However, that local shop's price actually beats Revolve Clothing's price of $351 or 266 euros for their last pair of Saigon boots in brown. Which means I won't be finding a better price on the internet. And you can trust me on that, I google "chie mihara" more often than I brush my teeth.

I could try searching the shops in Athens next week when I'll be there, but is just the mere hope of an extra 10% off worth the risk of coming back to Volos and finding them gone?

I believe this one falls into the famous "investment theory". You know, the one saying we should buy few stuff, but of good quality, that will be loved and cherished and worn forever. I think this is one of those times...

...still contemplating.

Monday 12 January 2009

What is normal, anyway?

The writing on the wall reads AGAINST NORMALITY.
What is normal, anyway? And why is it so bad?
Boring is bad, but is normal a synonym of boring?
And am I just giving all this too much thought?

Green coat, Attrattivo. Gray knit wool skirt, Benetton. Orange leather obi belt, some local shop. Black scarf, Zara. Light gray scarf, H&M. Black t-shirt, Mango. Black leather boots, Inci. Gray-green tote bag, Mango.

Saturday 10 January 2009


I am developing a major obsession over these "folding" harem pants by Zara.

It all started two days ago, when I saw this picture of two impossibly cool kids over at Camille's.
See the pants the girl is wearing? Then, my dear blog-friend ModeJunkie shows up wearing them too. She is a cool mama, you see.I complimented on her impeccable taste and learned from her that the amazing pants are in fact from Zara. If I had a Zara in my town, I would be camped outside the store right now. *&%$@!

And if all that frustration wasn't enough, I pop over Betty's and guess what I see...Arrrrggggggggghhhhhh! (growl of despair)

Friday 9 January 2009

I'm out

...of the house, I mean. Today I felt a lot better and decided to brave the cold in my new Attrattivo coat, an old camel-colored knit dress from Zara and my hugest black scarf.
Still a bit pale, but warm and snugly!

Wednesday 7 January 2009

I love it, I love it, I love it!

This is my new coat. There's not much else to say.

Forest green coat by Attrattivo Alternative Tailoring range, holidays present from dad.

Attrattivo is a greek company. 'Cause I'm Greek like that.