Wednesday 29 February 2012

Shorty blanco 1 massimo dutti flats blanco 4 blanco 2 blanco 3
Too short to be a dress, too long to be a top and I hate the word tunic.

Bouclé dress and golden leaves necklace, courtesy of BLANCO. Extra-long black leggings, Pull&Bear. Grey snakeskin ballet flats, Massimo Dutti.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Basic brown mango brown ballerina flats mango brown ballerina flats 6 mango brown ballerina flats mango brown ballerina flats 4 mango brown ballerina flats 3

Nothing extraordinary, just a pair of the softest, most comfortable basic brown leather flats from Mango.

Bought at the sales.

Friday 24 February 2012

Imatiothiki was here

My time came!

Visit imatioθíi for all the pics and interview.

If you have any questions or comments about the clothes / my cat / the apartment you can leave them here and I will happily answer. Muchas gracias to Nileta and make-up artist Konstantina.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Οn the Blocks

On the Blocks is a site-specific graffiti project, especially created for Vamiali's and curated by Anneta Papadatou.

The artists participating are Apset, Blaqk, Boohaha, ΜintOne and my dearest friend RTMone, whose sketchbook page is the one above.

The exhibition is opening tonight, at Vamiali's Gallery, Samou 1, Athens. Take the metro to Metaxourgio and exit at Diligianni street. See you there.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Stealing from men blanco mens 1
Since today is the last day of the Blanco jeans offer (I'll repeat, with every pair of jeans you buy, you get €5 off your next purchase) and many of you might head down to the Ermou or Athens Metro Mall stores to take advantage of it, I thought I'd share another tip with you:

Don't forget the men's section. blanco mens 2
This is a men's pair of jeans.

No really. blanco mens 3
And don't just look out for pants, remeber that amazing tee Eliza scored at the Blanco men's department? blanco mens 4 blanco mens 5
Don't you just love the little yellow details? blanco mens 6 blanco mens 7

And worn with a men's sweater, just to top it up. blanco mens 8
Ink-blue men's jeans, courtesy of BLANCO. Pomegranate cotton sweater, ZARA MAN. Yellow knit scarf, ZARA. Green pumps, SIXTYSEVEN. Floral satchel, Accessorize.

Jim Shi at the Marni x H&M party jimshi809 170758859047182337
Hosted by Sofia Coppola and Consuelo Castiglioni in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, last night's Marni at H&M Los Angeles party is already history, press release in my inbox and all. I'm super-excited for this particular collaboration, but press releases usually boring.

However, I opened my eyes this morning to find that fashion journalist Jim Shi was there and has been tweeting amazing pics like crazy! I thought that was a very interesting way of getting the vibe of the night, so I've decided to gather all my favorites here to share.

Clicking on any photo will land you on the original tweet, so you can read Jim's caption. jimshi809 170727126738280448 jimshi809 170727471405219840 jimshi809 170732816345219072 jimshi809 170732835920019457 jimshi809 170738357670920192 jimshi809 170737716831584256 jimshi809 170738861817856000 jimshi809 170738363064791041 jimshi809 170739867611959296 jimshi809 170743449568559105 jimshi809 170756817725562880 jimshi809 170782278916653056
And if you're hungry for a bit more, there are a few extra pics on Jim's feed not posted here and the official twitter hashtag is #MarniatHM.

Plus the #marniathm hashtag on instagram has some serious eye-candy. Better get those iPhones out.

[all photos via Jim Shi on twitter]

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Purple, pumpkin, turquoise purple and pumpkin 1 purple and pumpkin 4
Meet my new skinny black jeans from Blanco. purple and pumpkin 2
Perfect black wash, chic and grown-up, to be worn in occasions where the faded blue slouchy boyfriend kind just won't cut it. purple and pumpkin 3
Cropped to the ankle to show some skin when worn with pumps, plus the cute zipper adds a little rock-chick something.

Other than the huge selection of jeans in-store right now (I also got another pair, to be posted next) and the great pricing (jeans start at just €17,99) Blanco also has another great offer up this days: For every pair of jeans you buy, you get €5 off your next purchase. Not bad at all! Hurry up though, the offer is valid just until this Saturday, February 19th. purple and pumpkin 5
Black skinny jeans, courtesy of BLANCO. Pumpkin cropped jacket, purple silk top and brown wedges, ZARA. Turquoise necklace, Massimo Dutti. Cognac leather bag, Uterqüe.

Saturday 11 February 2012

MadWalk 2012 madwalk2012

MadWalk 2012 took place last Wednesday and this time I was there.

As you probably know, the event is a fusion of a music concert and a catwalk show, so the place was packed with teens trying to get a glimpse of their favourite artist as well as some fashion lovers hopelessly trying to actually see the clothes. As that was kinda impossible due to huge place and our seats being of the nosebleed kind, the pics I'll be posting here will be more about depicting the atmosphere and less about the couture.

Enjoy! madwalk2012 entasi martakis
Intro of a model waving her hands but not actually walking the runway due to a case of impossibly huge dress. madwalk2012 celia kritharioti demy
Pink cotton-candy hair and white/cream/beige dresses (cough - wedding season - cough) by Celia Kritharioti. madwalk2012 elena pakou
My date for the night, Elena Pakou, who took the most amazing pictures for her post on Miss Bloom. madwalk2012 efi theodoridou
Alexander, I don't know if you can read us, but Cypriot designer Efi Papaioannou and Greek bouzoukia singer Natasa Theodoridou paid homage to your chess catwalk thingy. madwalk2012 angelos frentzos ilia darlin
Ilia Darling riding the black horse. madwalk2012 delight leon
DElight SS2012 on the catwalk and DElight SS2011 on singer Leon.

Those of you who need to see more, fret not. The show will be edited and aired on TV anytime soon.

Sunday 5 February 2012

Fashion went Live ozon fashion live 00 ozon fashion live 01 ozon fashion live 02 ozon fashion live 03 ozon fashion live 004 ozon fashion live 04 ozon fashion live 05 ozon fashion live 06 ozon fashion live 08 ozon fashion live 09
Yesterday at Fashion Live! by Ozon Raw.

Stylists picked clothes, make-up artists enchanced faces, hairdressers did hair, photographers shot pics and bloggers spoke of blogging. I left before the party, so I'm waiting for you to tell me more about how that...