Saturday 18 February 2012

Jim Shi at the Marni x H&M party jimshi809 170758859047182337
Hosted by Sofia Coppola and Consuelo Castiglioni in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, last night's Marni at H&M Los Angeles party is already history, press release in my inbox and all. I'm super-excited for this particular collaboration, but press releases usually boring.

However, I opened my eyes this morning to find that fashion journalist Jim Shi was there and has been tweeting amazing pics like crazy! I thought that was a very interesting way of getting the vibe of the night, so I've decided to gather all my favorites here to share.

Clicking on any photo will land you on the original tweet, so you can read Jim's caption. jimshi809 170727126738280448 jimshi809 170727471405219840 jimshi809 170732816345219072 jimshi809 170732835920019457 jimshi809 170738357670920192 jimshi809 170737716831584256 jimshi809 170738861817856000 jimshi809 170738363064791041 jimshi809 170739867611959296 jimshi809 170743449568559105 jimshi809 170756817725562880 jimshi809 170782278916653056
And if you're hungry for a bit more, there are a few extra pics on Jim's feed not posted here and the official twitter hashtag is #MarniatHM.

Plus the #marniathm hashtag on instagram has some serious eye-candy. Better get those iPhones out.

[all photos via Jim Shi on twitter]

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