Saturday 18 February 2012

Stealing from men blanco mens 1
Since today is the last day of the Blanco jeans offer (I'll repeat, with every pair of jeans you buy, you get €5 off your next purchase) and many of you might head down to the Ermou or Athens Metro Mall stores to take advantage of it, I thought I'd share another tip with you:

Don't forget the men's section. blanco mens 2
This is a men's pair of jeans.

No really. blanco mens 3
And don't just look out for pants, remeber that amazing tee Eliza scored at the Blanco men's department? blanco mens 4 blanco mens 5
Don't you just love the little yellow details? blanco mens 6 blanco mens 7

And worn with a men's sweater, just to top it up. blanco mens 8
Ink-blue men's jeans, courtesy of BLANCO. Pomegranate cotton sweater, ZARA MAN. Yellow knit scarf, ZARA. Green pumps, SIXTYSEVEN. Floral satchel, Accessorize.


vasso said...

like the color of the shoes!!nice darlin!!very cute outfit!!


Reaction said...

beautyfull!euxaristume gia ta tips!k egw vriskw thisaurus se adrika!

Kathleen said...

Περιμένω να μάθω ΠΟΥ βρήκες αυτά τα υπέροχα παπούτσια!



Lopi said...

δυστυχώς όχι, τα είχα πάρει όταν ήμουνα φοιτήτρια στο Βόλο, πριν από 5-6 χρόνια

evi said...

θυσαυρους βρισκεις κ στα παιδικα. ειδικα στα zara το 14αρι(παλια νομιζω ειχε κ 16αρι) στα παιδικα ειναι το small στα γυναικεια.

Beauty Follower said...

Ωραια γοβα
και το λουλουδατο τσαντικό φυσάει!

Vanda said...

You arfe right, there is a LOT of things you can spot in Men's department, as well as on childrens' department!!!
I like everything but those SHOES and BAG are really great!!!!