Wednesday 4 November 2009

Miltos SS2010 show at AXDW

Dress by Miltos SS2010 at AXDWDress by Miltos SS2010 at AXDW
Miltos presented his SS20101 collection at AXDW last Sunday. It was a virtual time-travel to 1940's Paris and we loved it! Τhe music of Édith Piaf was masking our gasps, as we admired the luxurious coats, classic blazers, fitted pencil skirts and amazing evening dresses made with velvet, silk and feathers.

The press release reads:

Born in Athens, Miltos' first contact with fashion was as a production and sales manager in a well-known company with silk garments. His experience in raw materials together with his love for high quality resulted in starting up his own studio 17 years ago, while studying fashion at Veloudakis Fashion School. Feminine lines, all time classic elegance, fresh style with high class, would be a close description to his work. Miltos currently works at his studio in Kolonaki, where he creates pret-a-porter and haute couture collections, as well as unique bridals.

Some may argue that there's no innovation in re-introducing fashions from past decades. I say, sometimes a designer who is a master in handling quality materials and haute couture techniques and who can deliver that old-school glamour we all love, is all we need. N'est pas?

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Mairyliscious said...

yperoxes dhmiourgies...!!!
h lady in red magikh !!!
kai h lady in beige brown !!!

ShoppingTherapy said...

oh i could totally see me wearing that coat with the pink lining!

daisychain said...

I love these designs, all so wearable.

Natalia said...

lovely pic s and the outfits r so classy+original!!