Sunday 16 September 2012

Slatchel candy

Back in July (queue "how time passes" sigh) we were invited by Greek luggage company Lycsac to see their brand new line of products.

Slatchel is the name, because the are satchel bags by Lycsac and all.

They are made in Greece from plasticized fabric, keeping their price down compared to similar leather models and making them perfect for people who don't like to support the leather industry (I can think of a few, including Ms Thalia above).

Stephanie got the green-and-red-tartan Epatia model...

...while I opted for the Barbie-pink Arsinoe.

I find the fact they are named after Greek mythology female characters rather amusing (and I secretly hope there is a Pinelopi model in the future).

But even more fun is the fact that the most recent Union Jack premium satchel is named Elizabeth. If I ever encounter one dangling from a shoulder I will make sure to follow protocol and address it as Your Majesty.


Tina said...

Doesn't Thalia sell customized leather shoes and bags? Is that different from supporting the leather industry?

Lopi said...

As much as I hate talking in behalf of someone else, I will try to justify my comment:

I believe Thalia is making an exception there, by supporting an independent leather craftsman working in Greece and by using vintage trinkets that have long been produced and have been sitting in a drawer for years unused. She is being as environmentally responsible as possible, when one works with leather.

On the other hand, there are people out there who are strict vegans and would never use anything leather, no matter how environmentally responsibly it was produced. Those were the people I meant to refer to and who would be interested in the fact that those bags aren't made of leather.

Thank you for making your point politely!

Tina said...

I get it.
I try not to buy leather shoes or bags but I find it hard to find high quality non-leather goods while supporting Greek shops AND staying within my budget. Thankfully I've found some shops through Greek blogs.
Thanks for your reply.

Tiffany said...

satchels can never really go out of style now can they? i must admit, though my style is mostly classic, i am rubbing my hands for a red or blue one.

A BRIT GREEK said...

Always good to learn of new brands that support the Greek trade, it is hard finding something that combines style, a decent price tag and is perfect for those who don't wear/buy leather.