Tuesday 7 June 2011

Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

Back when I did my review on the H&M spring collections, I promised you an extra post just for those beauties.

The best part is that at €50-€60 they cost so much less than the actual Swedish Hasbeens that verge on the €200 mark.

And aren't they amazingly retro?

Hurry up though, because as I have been informed from the Greek H&M press office, there are very few pieces left, most of them at the Ermou branch.

I hope the clogging sound won't annoy people much...


Anonymous said...

i dont't get these shoes. i think they are going to be too noisy.

Anonymous said...

i need that baaag!

Lorelai Sebastian said...

ta H&M tis athinas mallon einai allo magazi apo edw sti Thesniki. pali ta salia mas trexoun!teleia einai!