Friday 3 June 2011

Kiehl's party at Attica

Reporting from the Kiehl's party last afternoon.

The drinks were mojitos and strawberry daiquiris made from fresh strawberries.

The food was yummy cupcakes each topped with a pink sugary "K" for Kiehl's.

Yorgos Kelefis of OZON presenting the DIGITARIA x hellopanos creation for the camera.

Katerina Ponti and Elena Pakou show how good green and orange look next to each other.

Themis Sarantaenas, the man responsible for Kiehl's marketing in Greece, holding the draw for the Orsalia Parthenis bags with the help of Eleni Stasinopoulou and Maria Papagrigoriou of Oh So Chic.

Demetrios Papadopoulos, project manager of Atelier Loukia, showed up in the perfect manly summery outfit of blue and white marinière, bermuda shorts, and espadrilles.

Themis and Elena holding the draw for the bags designed by Georgios Carabellas...

...and all together announcing the lucky winner.

Olivia Efstathiou of SOMF wearing one of their skirts.

Themis and artist Fotis Pechlivanidis.

The really polite and helpful (and happy) Kiehl's sales guy.

Jewellery designer Elena Syraka announcing the winner of her bag along with Costas Voyatzis of

The SOMF girls Mariaflora Papapanagiotou and Olivia Efstathiou.

Along with Themis (no we did not plan to colour-coordinate) announcing the winner's name...

...and here is the happy winner, and me even happier that my bag went to someone who loves it so much!

Thank you Kiehl's for the opportunity to make something good, in every way possible.

Enjoy your new bags people!


Unknown said...

ooo super!!krima na eimai eparxia...domage!!

giorgi said...

if I knew earlier about this project I would love to participate too -at the creation of the bags-!

I design and print T-shirts / dresses/ and many more, using silk screen printing techniques ~
is my blog where I upload what comes out of my lab_

r u gona publish any future design project or workshops here at your blog???