Monday 20 July 2009


Sorry for the absence, but I'm afraid I will have to extend it a bit more...

And no, I haven't shopped anything in the sales yet.
That's something.


Raquel said...

I just got 2 t-shirts in the sales, and they were a gift from my boyfriends! Is it just me or the sales are still too priced yet!?


Alice said...

Not buying anything is also a statement.We should take a break sometimes and see what we can re-use or find new ways of wearing our clothes!
By the way, I am (still)in the mood for shopping because I am not on vacations yet and I bought 2 pairs of shoes (one of them is purple and is gorgeous), a dress and a bag!I think I am going to post about them soon!

DaisyChain said...

sending much love xx