Tuesday 8 October 2013

Dimitris Petrou / HeartHasNoGender

#HeartHasNoGender was the inspiring title of the A/W 2013-14 collection by Dimitris Petrou, one of the best Greek designers out there at the moment, that was presented yesterday. I'm very honoured to have attended, but I'm not here to boast "fabulus daaaalhing" all the time, so here is my honest opinion:

The choice of venue was inspired. The roof top of a cultural centre, just when the weather has started to get chilly is quite a thing to put you in the mood for the upcoming season. The temporary tattoos, to be visible under all the etheral muslin and chiffon where amazing, both as a concept and execution. The colour palette, with both dark wintery colours and light flesh tones, was dreamy. The use of leather to bind the looks together was just what the delicate fabrics needed to toughen up a bit.


...the quilted red satin jacket with matching trousers (and the sky blue fringed men's jacket) is where I draw my line. Just no.

Also, the - otherwise very inspired- artwork had the misfortune of spelling error "genter" instead of "gender". Minor mistake that was later fixed, but my eye has the habit of bumping on stuff like that.
Overall, and if I have to put it all together in one sentence, it's all down to this: Season after season, Petrou shows us that he can design, sew and have a solid concept/inspiration backing each one of his collections. Maybe some of the pieces give the impression of being collection-fillers, but we can't love everything. Still no-one can doubt his amazing skills, determination and ethos

Below are all the looks (minus a couple that I missed while figuring out my camera settings) so you can make up your own mind.

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ShoppingTherapy said...

the models' make up feels spot on as well. thanx for sharing!