Friday 11 October 2013

A martini dressed in Zoulovits

Somedays you just need to stay in and enjoy your own home. Today is definitely one of those days, bunny slippers and all. 
That doesn't mean it can't be pretty fancy.

Happily, the iconic greek homeware store Zoulovits has an e-shop and offered to send over something nice to see for myself, making my pursuit of fanciness quite easier. Drinking pretty home-made cocktails while wearing aforementioned bunny slippers is one thing, but ordering the pretty glasses to pour them in with the same convenience, is definitely a step towards making life easier.

Zoulovits is a brand well-known for its quality and 77 years of history in Greece, which makes many people think of it as a place where their mother shopped. Which is true, but doesn't mean it won't also offer the most sleek, modern and pretty homeware, in a superbly well-designed and easy-to-use e-shop.

I soon declared my personal quest for martini glasses over when I found this set of four red martini glasses by Salt&Pepper

I also contemplated the black ones for a moment, but I guess these would be better suited for a minimalist or a goth, and I am neither.

I decided to celebrate their arrival by making my own homemade version of the gin/cucumber/ginger martini garnished with red peppercorns I usually like to order at bars, using this recipe as a rough guide. I even made my own ginger syrup, instead of using ginger liqueur! Not bad, right?

Of course, now I'm also eyeing the champagne flutes from the same line. I guess it's the same thing as getting the bag and wanting the matching shoes.

You can check out all the other pretty things at or keep them on your newsfeed by liking their FB page.

Plus, every order over 30€ ships for free to all of Greece, so you don't have to worry about knocking glassware over at a real shop ever again!

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