Wednesday 22 December 2010

Backstage the Toi&moi photoshot

Thalia enjoying the pampering.

Maddie snacking.

Actually, we were all snacking most if the time.

Our darling photographer Konstantinos.

Nells doing the Blue Steel.

Always joyful Elena.

Thalia's bling-bling having coffee.

Me learning that I'm actually crap at applying eyeliner.

Eliza rocking the yeti boots.

Just trying to pose for a decent picture.

Kirsten looking all modelly and pro.

Me trying not to appear completely crap...

...glad I had some help with that.

Wrapping it up.

These photos might be a few weeks old, but you can surely understand why I couldn't keep them just sitting in my hard drive. Had to post them!

This is only a part of the backstage action. As mentioned here, you can see all fifteen of us fashion bloggers modeling Toi&moi clothes in the For Fashionistas e-shop section, but don't forget to check each of their blogs separately for more trivia and backstage pics.


mahler76 said...

από μόδα δεν έχω ιδέα, αλλά ο φωτογράφος σας είναι ΗΟΟΟΟΤ!!!

Elena said...

We had TONS of fun that day! Plus I still think of those little salmon sandwitches! Sooo delicious!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Awesome behind the scenes shots doll, loving Thalia's bling and all the fab photos!

I'd be snacking all the way through too! That's what i loved about photoshoots - the models never ate!


MaRiza said...

hmm... kala perasate!

Thalia said...

had a blast! thank you for the beautiful photos! :-)

Kristen Leo said...

"kristen looking all modely and pro" hahahahahahhahahahaha XD na sai kala!!! <3

Nells said...

thank u thank u thank u!!
such a sweet post lopi!!!

Applesaucery said...

I LOVE the watch ring--where is it from?

Anonymous said...

einai teeleio!!!!

kostas said...

Too nice event.
Merry Christmas.

JMay said...

That looks like so much fun! I've never been at a photo shoot, must be fun!