Sunday 19 December 2010

Giving, reusing, having fun

At the swap-NOT-shop party earlier today.

I didn't swap this time, but boy other people did! And they really seemed to enjoy the whole giving attitude and making stuff useful again. Plus, finding something to keep for yourself is always a great perk.
Yes, this is a giant hand dangling from the balcony. It was the first time the party took place in ATOPOS and what a successful pairing that was. Loved the playful feeling of the place, it really clicked with the swap-NOT-swap attitude.

One of the three masterminds behind the whole effort, Thalia.
Seriously girl, congrats!

You can learn more about swapping, the girls and the philosophy behind the parties they organize over at and their FB group. Till next time!

1 comment:

A BRIT GREEK said...

I hope you girlies had a great time!!!

I can't believe i missed it for work! Boo!