Wednesday 8 December 2010

Toi&moi launches the e-FASHION store

It's now open!

Designed by K2design (the same guys responsible for Korres' award-winning brand identity and packaging) the e-shop of Greek fashion brand Toi&moi was long awaited by fashionistas here in Greece and abroad. Hoping more Greek companies will follow their example.

After some quick snooping around, here are my first observations:

Things I loved:
Great photography, big pictures, details include fabric type (very important in my book) and the easy-to-use black banner on top, featuring the categories, is minimal yet highly functional. Very helpful in navigating you through the e-shop at any time. Plus, when you spend more than €120 you become eligible for the e-BONUS CARD offering you a 10% discount on all purchases! It pays to be a loyal e-customer.

Things to be fixed:

I'm waiting to see more of Toi&moi's collection becoming available to buy online in the weeks to come. For example, the jacket I recently got (post to follow pronto) can't be found online yet. I hope it's only a matter of time.
Also, a geeky observation: The title and description for each garment are in png images. Like, every word is a png file. Not text. SEO anyone?

Designed to make your navigation easier, these are the three basic sub-categories:

Top 5 Dresses
so you can easily find the perfect party dress in time for the holidays

Best Sellers
because we all want to know what's flying off the selves right now

For Fashionistas
the one we Greek fashion bloggers helped with, so click click click to see the rest of the girls

According to Hara Tsoureka, the Marketing Manager of Toi&moi, this category was created to feature the more fashion-forward part of the Toi&moi collection and that's exactly why they chose us fashion bloggers to model the clothes. Apparently, it takes a person's individual style to support a non-conventional garment. Couldn't agree more.

These are a couple of backstage pics from my shooting:

Unfortunately, the dress is still in production, so no direct link for you to check it out just yet. As I've been kindly informed by Toi&moi, it will be online and available to buy Monday, Tuesday latest!

In the meantime, here's the link for the beaded necklace I styled with the dress.

And coming up this weekend, a huge post with backstage pics of me and the girls! Stay tuned...


Velveteen said...

How lovely! I love the clothes and the blogger pictures too! I'm so jealous! Good for you Lopi!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Thanks for the summary, you girls looks sensational, need i say more?

Hope you all had fun!

Alexandros said...

Very good point there regarding SEO and image titles. Unbelievable stuff!

annie said...

I'm a graphic designer so when i read that Kouroudis
(the head behind K2design) i will see the e-shop!!!!!
and then for the pretty clothes!

Anonymous said...

check this out lopi:

I believe they have done seo cause they have added alt tags at every single image on their e-shop! so it's very search engine friendly in my opinion!

Raquel said...

It's amazing to see a brand working with bloggers! Well done!

Lopi said...

thanks for your comment, you should definitely know better, having studied all this

however, having the descriptions as png images means that our blog urls are pngs as well. and they're not even linked! not only one cannot click through to get to each one of us, they cannot even copy-paste it on their address line as text. instead, they have to view and retype it, risking misspelling, not to mention it's too much of a hassle to do so.

so I still don't get what's the point of using png format and not text for item descriptions

Anonymous said...

Well the blog urls is another matter!
We haven't discussed it with toi&moi but I think they could add them if we had asked! I am still trying to figure out why the pngs, it must be a technical matter. I'll check it thoroughly then!

Lopi said...

thanks for coming back for this

I actually mentioned it to them beforehand, but I guess they forgot. or they supposed crediting and linking is the same thing. I'm not complaining, the whole thing was an amazing experience, but it would be nice of them and easier for everyone to link, non?

Anonymous said...

I guess it's not a big deal to add them now! Nice having this little chat with you! It was a great experience indeed!