Saturday 25 December 2010

The story of my DElight

Last year I grabbed the chance to get my own DElight.

The story behind that decision is very simple actually. To award myself for all those years of hard work in architecture school - and inspired by this post by Haritini - I decided to buy a dress by my favourite designers to wear in my graduation ceremony that took place last December.
It was a no-brainer, really. I had my eye on that dress ever since I attended the girls' AW2009-2010 show, so I called, I told them I wanted to buy that particular design, I went to their workspace, I tried on the sample and two weeks later I was called to collect my new dress.

That simple.

If you're wondering how much it cost and if it was worth it, here are my thoughts on that matter: There's really no reason for us to believe that designer clothes should be reserved for showbiz stars and brides only, when there are so many local designers that are actually affordable. Especially when there's is a special occasion in mind. On the money question, I spent the same amount I would have spent if I had chose a dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs. But mine was unique, made sur mesure, here in Greece, by people I know and admire.
Made that day back then a little bit extra special. As well as this one and this one and several others that I have no pictures to show for...

Why am I telling this year one year later? For starters, I am known to be a terrible procrastinator. But also because this year, right now as we speak, you have the chance to own your own DElight too.
The girls behind the label, Evi Retziou and Daphne Iliaki, have put together a pop-up boutique in six d.o.g.s. that will be open only for this weekend (Saturday, December 25th 18:00-2:00 and Sunday, December 26th 16:00-00:00) and will include pieces from their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection and from previous ones, all in special prices.

Unfortunately for this one, I'm already back home with the family in Samos, but if you happen to be in Athens for this weekend, don't miss the chance. Go there, listen to the music, meet the girls, feel the clothes, maybe even splurge on something special that you will cherish forever. I'll make it next time.


Florendia said...

If I manage to get over my Xmas hangover I'll go check it out for sure. Hope you're having a good time back at your island. filakia.xx

Hari K said...

Well, the dress looked great on you so I can only say that I'm reallyyyyy happy that a post of mine motivated you to go and buy it!!!

Happy Holidays girl!

Rebecca Jane said...

That dress is stunning!