Wednesday 4 January 2012

Levi's Curve ID Levi's curve ID demi curve
Starting the new year with a new pair of jeans!

Those of you having trouble locating the perfect pair of skinny jeans to suit your specific body shape might be interested in the concept of Levi's Curve ID.

Their novelty is that each fit (skinny, straight or bootcut) and wash (dark, indigo, worn, e.t.c.) comes in three different types, according to your hip-to-waist ratio:

Bold Curve for those with booty and tiny waist
Demi Curve for those with moderate proportions
Slight Curve for the more boyish figures

And here are my own Demi Curve in dark wash and skinny fit, courtesy of Levi's Greece: levi's curve ID
Amazing fit (I got fitted by a professional inside the store to determine my type and size with accuracy) great colour, really soft denim and skinny enough to tuck into boots without any unnecessary bulk.

I see my feud with tight jeans coming to an end.


Vanda said...

I want to buy this Jeans for me too!!! Great fit!!!!

Penny said...

po po epitelous! perimenw xronia na ginei kati tetoio k gia mas tis mesogeiakes ( na to pw eugenika)!! toso kairo mono ta staff me eixan volepsei ligo!

Trevor said...

The Levis Curve ID are a big deal. I think its going to take a while for them to catch on though. The concept of curve as a form of measurement takes a it of getting used to. But the concept makes complete sense and I'm yet to hear any bad reviews of these jeans, especially if you have the right curve for your body type. It pays to either get fitted or use their online calculator.

Anonymous said...

Nice booty!