Wednesday 13 June 2012

Feel your heart, take care of it coca-cola light niosetinkardiasou
Feel your heart is an initiative by Coca-Cola light aiming to educate women on taking care of their heart's health. To help rise funds for this cause, Coca-Cola light has partnered with Greek fashion brand BSB for the creation of the scarf you see below. coca-cola light scarf

The scarf costs 19, it is made of pure cotton - perfect for summer nights - and you can find it in all BSB shops. But most importantly, all the proceeds from its sales of the scarf will go towards the EELIA foundation,  to help the cause of this initiative.

So, on Tuesday we found ourselves invited at the BSB headquarters, for the presentation of the final design that we fashion bloggers helped chose.

Look who else was there: coca-cola light bsb thalia coca-cola light bsb elena coca-cola light bsb dkalo coca-cola light bsb lopi elena
[pic stolen from Thalia's post] coca-cola light bsb christina coca-cola light bsb bathroom
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giotared said...

I liked the photos (and the faces in them) very much. I think I saw "LEMONcake wardRobe" somewhere there!

Anonymous said...

nice pics!btw you should check out this film,tiny furniture.that girl aura looks exactly like you

Emily said...

Το μαντήλι είναι τέλειο! Ωραίες φωτογραφίες, φαίνεται ότι περάστε πολύ καλά!

effie,20,Greece said...

lovely blog!

effie,20,Greece said...

i'm following you