Wednesday 25 July 2012

Ask the folks in purple

So, you think you're an internet geek? So did I...

Along with Dimitris Kalogeropoulos of and Nikolas Bardakis of we were the lucky bloggers to unbox and test the new offering by Vodafone Greece. This is what we found out:

Comically huge box and purple-clad cute guys aside, fashion bloggers could really use this.

Ever wondered how you can link your instagram account to your facebook, what image editing programs are available to use on your smartphone or if there's a mobile app that allows you to publish blog posts on the go? Well, the Vodafone Internet Team folks know their geeky stuff and can help out a fashion blogger in distress.

And from what I learned, there will also be some girl geeks on the team. Just make sure your outfit looks good against purple.

1 comment:

Evi Mili said...

poly wraio videaki!!!
k mena mou arese poly to xrwma apo to kouti!!!
haha love purple!