Thursday 2 August 2012

Pink waves

This is the outfit of my first day on this experiment.

Funny thing is, all those things have already been in my wardrobe for at least two or three years already, so it kinda resembles that project Stella was talking about, of only wearing outfits with clothes older than 18 months.

All outfit details on the end of this post!
Dress, DC. Grey sandals, CAMPER. Blue handbag, Longchamp. Green sunglasses, RETROSUPERFUTURE. Gold circle ring, Prigkipo. Black reversible leather belt, vintage.


Evi Mili said...

ksexwrizw thn tsanta gia to xrwma ths k to yperoxo daxtylidi!
poly omorfo outfit!

Joan said...


It's me from twitter with the same camper sandals as urs!
Don't they look great with ANY nail color?? It's magical!