Wednesday 8 May 2013

Who's afraid of the big bad Crocs?

Yeah, I'm going there.

A while ago, Crocs gave me this pair of Springy ballet flats.

I'm gonna spare you the blah-blah and cut to the chase:

Those little beady things you see in the insoles? They're like a million little masseuses giving you a foot rub. Constantly.

Plus, all my male friends, when asked, they replied something along the lines of "they're not *that* bad afterall" or "they don't look like Crocs at all". Some design-obsessed ones even sang praises for the quirky-yet-functional design.

So there you go. This summer you might bumb into me wearing Crocs. Be gentle.


Angelina said...

Haters gonna hate! These flats are awesome!

ShoppingTherapy said...

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