Saturday 1 June 2013

Agave, lime and florals

Last Thursday, at Astir Beach, where we had the yummy privilege of tasting the new TGI Friday's Agave Lime Exotics menu.

These little babies above are the Crispy Beef Mozzarella Meatballs, but we also got a taste of the Stuffed Nachos and my favourite, the Agave Lime Chicken Fajta served with guacamole, pico de gallo, cubed pineapple, iceberg and sour cream. Makes my mouth water as I type.

Also, drinks! This one above is a fine sample of the Basil Strawberry Margarita. However, if you're not that into sweet cocktails, you should definitely try the Tommy's Margarita instead, which is more on the sour side of things. Of course, both contain agave syrup!

Not to mention that the venue is magical... And guess what? This summer, Astir Beach is open during the night as well, so you can watch movies at their open-air cinema by the sea. The 10€ is deducted fro whatever you order from the menu! And if you order something from the Agave Lime Exotics menu, don't forget to instgram it with the hastag #agavelimeexotics, because you might just win something tasty! You can read more about the Friday's The Beach Project in greek here

As to me, well this is what I wore:

Seriously, the best thing to wear when it's hot and humid is a comfy dress with an exposed back.

Ahem... Not one of my most gracious moments, for sure.

Floral midi dress with scoop back, ASOS. Cream platforms, SUITEBLANCO. Canvas and leather belt, home-grown vintage aka mum's. 

Many thanks to my photographer for the evening, the lovely Yianna.


Luvania and Fatima said...

Beautiful dress!



Call me M said...

Yum! I'm a huge fan of TGI Friday's and their tequila cocktails.
You look amazing! Love your dress!

Elena said...

To blog σου ειναι πολυ ομορφο & οι φωτογραφιες σου υπεροχες!!
Εαν θες επισκεψου το δικο μου κ πες μου τη γνωμη σου..επισης θα μπορουσαμε να ακολουθησουμε η μια την αλλη εαν θα το ηθελες κι εσυ!:)
Χxx Elena!