Wednesday 25 September 2013

Spotted the perfect ballet flat

Regarding the title, yeah I have a thing for puns. As for the actual shoes, well these are the latest addition to my ballet flats collection.

I actually go through a lot of pairs, as they are my go-to footwear and I am known to walk a lot. I recently decided to throw away many of my battered old ones, as they were just too destroyed to wear any more. In need to refill my collection, I found those babies at Zara during the summer sales.

Cute, real leather, b&w polka-dot ballet flats for just 17.99 euros. Score.

BTW, who hates those elastic ties they use to keep shoes together? Make you walk awkward as fuck, but I guess it's still better than buying two lefts by mistake.
Welcome to the shoe family, guys.

1 comment:

Inspiration partout said...

Beautiful pair!I also need to throw away some old pairs and buy some new ones!