Tuesday 21 January 2014

Happy mornings

As I am writing this, it's 7 in the morning, I am nibling on biscuits and clenching a mug of coffee for dear life.

Just the perfect set-up and timing to post about the latest from msn.gr and their collaboration with a bunch of us Greek fashion bloggers and Papadopoulou biscuits to promote healthy choices and never having an excuse to miss breakfast.

If you can read Greek, you can skip all the rest and head straight off to women.gr.msn.com, more specifically: 
  • here to get to know each one of us
  • here to see what each of us has for breakfast, and
  • here to see where we have our brekkie
And if it's all Greek to you, here is the translation:

Fashion Architect started in 2008, originally to explore the relationship between architecture and fashion, and moved on to become one of the most known fashion blogs in Greece. As a result, the architect behind it, Pinelopi Kapnoula, now worries less about architecture and more about shooting her new shoes, posting her outfits and sharing her favorite moments on www.fashionarchitect.net.

My breakfast includes at least one cup of coffee, a 2% Greek yoghurt with fresh seasonal fruits (the more, the better) and of course some Papadopoulou biscuits. I usually go for the variety with cocoa and no added sugar, because frankly, sugar is just totally unnecessary and I don't like overly sweet flavours. In any case, thre biscuits are more than enough to fill me up and keep me full until lunch.

I love having breakfast properly, on a table layed with a tablecloth and all, sitting on my favourite chair and just gazing out the window until I regain enough consciousness to function normally. I can't get those who say there is never enough time in the morning. Time for such "luxuries" is never there on its own, you have to create it by getting up earlier. Granted, most of the time there's a laptop on nearby, but still, these precious moment are valuable for me to start my day on the right track.

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