Thursday 29 June 2017

What I wore while pregnant

I owed you this post.

This is both an outfit diary for me and an inspiration board for other expecting mothers out there on how to handle a pregnancy while buying/wearing as little maternity wear as possible.

Since seasonality plays a big role, many of these ideas won't apply to everyone, however I still think mosts ideas can be interpreted in both summer and winter outfits, e.g. dress worn plain in summer, add a cardigan for autumn, add tights, scarf and coat for winter.

Here we go:

December 1st 2015, at 4 weeks + 1 day pregnant
I still didn't actually know I was pregnant, but I had recently lost some weight, so I was happy wearing things I hadn't worn for a while.
White knit dress BILL COST. Belt and bag, MIGATO. Jewellery, SWAROVSKI.

January 16th, 2016, at 10 weeks + 5 days pregnant
Pregnancy still wasn't showing. I had just cut my hair to donate it to a charity making wigs for kids.
Simple grey T-shirt by H&M.

January 22nd 2016, at 10 weeks + 5 days pregnant
At the Yes-I-Do Catwalk with Myrto Kazi. We are actually both pregnant here and at about the same stage, but neither one had announced it yet.
Floral dress, ZARA. Pumps and necklace, MIGATO.

February 8th 2016, at 14 weeks pregnant
At the Ioanna Kourbela catwalk show, straight from the office. Still wearing normal trousers, but with the top button undone and with loose tops.
Trousers & coat, ZARA. Blouse, H&M. Shoes & bag MIGATO.

March 21st 2016, at 20 weeks pregnant
At the adidas NMD launch. Have started wearing maternity jeans with loose tops.
Maternity jeans H&M. Top, SOMF. Jacket, ZARA. Shoes, ADIDAS. Backpack MIGATO.

March 27th 2016, at 21 weeks pregnant
It's spring, but still a bit chilly for dresses or skirts, so maternity jeans it is. Also, ditched the shoulder bags for a chic backpack, to save my back.
Maternity jeans and maternity long-sleeve t-shirt H&M. Coat, cardigan and scarf, ZARA. Shoes, ADIDAS. Backpack MIGATO.

March 29th 2016, at 21 weeks + 2 days pregnant
At the MIGATO SS16 press day, wearing a non-maternity skirt with elasticized waist. Obviously, I am not wearing it at the waist, but under-boob.
Knit crop top H&M. Skirt, ZARA. Flatforms, MIGATO.

April 3rd 2016, at 22 weeks pregnant
For a stroll at the Flisvos Marina, wearing a non-maternity empire waist dress with a ribbon tied under the boobs for definition.
Grey dress, ASOS. Jacket, BLANCO. Necklace, H&M.

April 20th 2016, at 24 weeks + 2 days pregnant
This was a typical work outfit during that time, regular top and a non-maternity skirt over the bump.
Khaki skirt, STRADIVARIOUS. T-shirt, ZARA. Moccasins, MIGATO.

April 23rd 2016, at 24 weeks + 5 days pregnant
Attending the "Fashioning the Law" conference, along with my dear friend Elena who was a speaker. Wearing a non-maternity bodycon rib dress with a kimono on top.
Burgundy dress, ZARA. Kimono, BLANCO. Arrow necklace, H&M. Circle necklace, PRIGKIPW.

April 28th 2016, at 25 weeks pregnant
Inside an empty pool at Chania, wearing a sleeveless knit A-line dress with a cardigan on top. You can see my ankles are already swollen.
Dress, ZARA. Cardigan, PULL&BEAR. Slip-on sneakers, MIGATO. Sunglasses, CARRERA.

May 21st 2016, at 28 weeks + 5 days pregnant
Realizing that I can keep wearing regular skirts with elastic waists over the bump was a life changer.
Skirt & scarf, ZARA. Top, PULL&BEAR. 

May 26th 2016, at 29 weeks + 3 days pregnant
Wishing Madame Shoushou happy 5th birthday. Yes, that's another regular skirt with elastic waist.
Skirt, ASOS. T-shirt, ZARA. 

June 2nd 2016, at 30 weeks + 3 days pregnant
That's a regular empire line dress in navy, perfect for straight-after-work non-alcoholic drinks.

June 6th 2016, at 31 weeks pregnant
With dearest friend Alex, wearing a regular caftan-style dress, bought a couple of sizes larger, layered with a body-con cotton dress underneath and tied with a ribbon over the bump for definition (trying not to look like a tent).
Dress, H&M.

June 25th 2016, at 33 weeks + 5 days pregnant
At Nileta's wedding in Syros, as formal as one can be at this stage.
Dress, YSTERIA ASTERIA by Alexia Kirmitsi.

June 26th 2016, at 33 weeks + 6 days pregnant
Babymoon in Syros, happy as can be with my sorbet and wearing - you guessed it - an elasticized waist skirt over the bump.
Skirt, ZARA. Top, H&M.

June 27th 2016, at 34 weeks pregnant
Regular tiered sundress, over regular bikini, on top of swollen ankles.
Dress, H&M. Flip-flops, ACCESSORIZE. Sunglasses, CARRERA.

June 29th 2016, at 34 weeks + 2 days pregnant
Skater dress and light sneakers. Because feet were as swollen as can be.
Dress, ASOS. Sneakers, ADIDAS Los Angeles. Sunglasses, FENDI.

June 29th 2016, at 34 weeks + 2 days pregnant
Another dress whose waist was supposed to be a couple of inches lower, but bump happened. Oh, and some sorbet of course.
Dress, OYSHO.

July 2nd 2016, at 34 weeks + 5 days pregnant
At friend Vangelis' wedding, still in Syros. Those gladiator sandals were a life-saver for dressier circumstances, as they could fit my ever-expanding feet and camouflaged them at the same time.
Dress, Toi&moi. Sandals, MIGATO.

July 5th 2016, at 35 weeks + 1 days pregnant
Attending the Marie Claire Blog Awards, decided to go full Kardashian with body con.
Dress, H&M. Sandals and clutch bag, MIGATO.

July 8th 2016, at 35 weeks + 4 days pregnant
I also attended prenatal Pilates classes twice a week. A life saver for my swollen feet. The T-shirt is not maternity, just oversized. Shorts are regular too, just worn a bit lower.
T-shirt, H&M. Shorts and sneakers, ADIDAS. Backpack, MIGATO.

July 30th 2016, at 38 weeks + 5 days pregnant
In this photo, I had just walked 8km in Pagkrati, midday in summer. I went into labour the next day.
Dress, H&M. Sports bra OYSHO.

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