Thursday 26 February 2009

All is quiet now

It is finally over. My friend Jasmine and I presented our final thesis yesterday and now we can relax. Not for long though. I'm moving to Athens in a week from now, so I will be drowning in cardboard boxes soon. We went for some much needed celebratory shopping earlier today and I got these two scarves from Bershka. Perfect for spring.

I also have a few more new acquisitions to show you, but the light is almost gone now. Tomorrow maybe?

Glad to be back...


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you have long to wait before you hear about your grades.

I'll admit that I'm excited to hear you're moving to Athens. I'm trying to convince Husband Mike that we need to visit Greece, and Athens would DEFINITELY be on the list.

yasemin said...

nice scarves, and happy that you're free.see you.

Anonymous said...

lovely scarfs! welcome back!

Kostantia Manthou said...

well well well
welcome to the new
fast & furious,
painted & smelly,
love & tender (hmmmm)
graduated life!
we are waiting for you down here sweetheart.
Congratulations and wishing a fresh new beginning:)

Mirka said...

good to have you back! and congrats on finishing your thesis :)

Raquel said...

glad you're back!!!! :)
I really liked the scarves but especially the striped one, very nautical :)
I'll definitely will post the one euro items, I'm thinking of posting one by one.

Anonymous said...

1:Ahhh finally!!!

2:I'm Proud of you!!! What a great picture is the one with the scarves???!!!

3: Nice scarves!

Triple big bravo for you! :P

K@terina B. said...

τι μοναδική φορά που μετακόμισα, ανακάλυψα πακετάροντας, ξεχασμέωα απίστευτα ρούχα που είχαν χαθεί μεσα στο χάος που επικρατεί στο δωματιό μου look at the bright side of moving...!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations (long-time reader, first time poster)! My mother has a degree in architecture and she still has nightmares about her final thesis not being prepared in time. And congratulations also on your move to Athens. My husband is Athenian and we're planning to move there in the next few years...

Francesca Tan said...

Welcome back! I really like your scarves btw :)

lucia said...


officially an architect from now on..
great pictures, probably its the lighting, and the colors. and beautiful scarves, especially the beige one.

Marietta said...

Hey, I just realized you re back!Nice scarves!