Saturday 26 December 2009

Boxing day sales

I have spent the biggest part of those last two days on the sofa, watching movies like Zoolander and clicking on the sale newsletters that keep appearing in my mailbox. And since I really should constrain myself from buying any more stuff online (I'm waiting for one last exciting parcel to arrive after the holidays) I decided just do some virtual window shopping and present my best finds here on the blog. Far safer for my credit card bill, don't you think? On this post, my picks from


Ted Baker Waterfall Sleeve Shift
€158.98 NOW

Yeah, I know this one is still way expensive, even after the discount, but don't you just love those sleeves?

Grey and red just look great together. Plus, I love girly strapless dresses layered with t-shirts underneath. And the print on that slouchy tee... amazing!

Sugarhill Boutique Jersey Tee Sweetheart Bandeau Dress
61.62 NOW 43.13
Diesel Cloud Print T-shirt
36.97 NOW 22.18

If this doesn't look like much of a dress to you, I urge you to click on the link and see its back. Girly as hell! And with quite a big discount.

Trout & Pout Crossover Tie Back Mini Dress
117.08 NOW 34.51

Again, relaxed silhouettes are so much better than clingy ones. And that red... love!

Jovonna Batwing Mini Contrast Dress
78.87 NOW23.42

Who would buy that dress and wouldn't wear it to death? So simple it hurts, but with that perfect little twist detail on the hem.

Pepe Jeans London Fold Hem Longline Stripey T-Shirt Dress
67.78 NOW 54.23

This one earns a spot on my top-10 of LBDs. Excellent cut, flattering line, good length, cute little ruffle detail. Perfection!

Mango Ruffle Sleeved Dress
67.78 NOW 54.23

Again, I'm starting to get more drawn to simple cuts, with small creative twists. These two numbers above are perfect examples of that!

ASOS Tailored Tulip Dress
34.51 NOW 22.18
ASOS Ponti-Roma Sleeveless Pleat Front Dress
34.51 NOW 22.18

And yes, no shoes on this post. I'm one of those people who upon their visit to an on-line boutique, click on the "dresses" button before the "shoes" one. What can I say, I'm a dress-obsessed weirdo!

[all pictures originally from and edited by me]


ShoppingTherapy said...

i've overspent these holidays, so i can't afford anything atm even if it's on sale. i don't even browse the "sales" pages, cause i might get frustrated... lol

Pingu said...

we have a lot in common :) i have done a lot of online-window-shopping in the last days. And i click fist on the dresses and then on shoes, too! LOVE the's gorgeous!

daisychain said...

fab picks!

Graham I. Haynes said...

Hey Lopi ~ It's my first visit to Fashion Architect.

I've scrolled down 2 pages so far, and I'm really enjoying your photos and your perspective.

See you again soon... Ciao.

♥ from

Elena said...

Oh love them all! Sales are such a great thing!

natalie said...

Beautiful choices!

silverjewellery said...

The gray dress is beautiful! I would match a silver necklace with it.