Wednesday 8 September 2010

Gotta hand it to them

Fashion Week Athens is once again upon us, the dates are official (mark your calendars for October 14th-18th everyone) and the posters are out!

The second poster in particular has caused many groomed brows to raise throughout the social media, due to the hand.
I'm wondering, is the choice of a man's hairy hand over that of an elegant female model trying to imply that fashion week should be more about the fashion designers' handicraft and vision, instead of the glamorous models who constantly steal the limelight away from the clothes?

Or is it supposed to be just a hand, no further semiotics?

*Note* that both images were borrowed from the Fashion Week Athens director Andonis Kioukas' Facebook profile, so one can only suppose they're both official and not some kind of unsolicited "fan art".

So what do you think?

UPDATE: According to Alecca Rox, the date has been changed to October 14-17 not 18, but the posters and the official site are yet to be updated.


Anonymous said...

Well if you look for troubles you get into them, not meaning you of course! I just saw a poster and nothing behind it! Though, truth is that the posters of Fashion week and AXDW could be more creative in general!

youstrikemyfancy said...

no inspiration or implications whatsoever

mahler76 said...

I am guessing the second poster just says "Fashion is not only for fags" lolololol

Πάντως μια χαρά είναι οι αφισούλες!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind some provocative thought, it's just that this poster doesn't even have a meaning. At least I don't get one. It is plain boring if you ask me. Whatever happened to innovation and style? Oh gosh I'm furious!

battered couture said...

boooring. sloppy. not cewl

Alecca Rox said... it's got the shock element the last one, no doubt! not sure about what it says for the fashion week of athens though...

*as for the dates, the facebook group says 14-17 too. em-hm on loop.