Thursday 6 January 2011

Fashion for geeks

I'm not gonna say much about Scott Schumann himself, as everything there is to say has already been told.
Just watch this above.

However, I was puzzled to see The Sartorialist advertising Intel, since he is known to be a MacBook user (as illustrated in the pic above, a still from the A Month In Fashion video by Garance Doré).Well, after some googling, it all started to make sense. Word is out that in 2011 Apple will be replacing the NVIDIA graphics processor in their MacBook models with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processor. Don't ask me to analyze any more of that tech mumbo jumbo though, it's all Greek to me.

What I do know is that this video is, without doubt, a very smart move from Intel's side. Virals that you truly enjoy watching over and over again are the way to go.


Eliza said...

Thanks Lopi for this amazing post!! :)

Shey said...

I always like tha videos that you share with us they are very interesting. =)

MaRiza said...

Hmm..The only thing that I know about him is that there is a station in Brussels metro with his name..
God, I'm nowhere! Haha!


Anonymous said...

Your are a very good observer! Chapeau! (French: I take my hat off)

Greets, Marlene from Look & Cook by the Book


i'm going to see this right now!

Florendia said...

ooh it's such a nice video, thanx girl!