Sunday 24 March 2013

Purple and lilac reverse french

What do you do when you have some much-awaited time in your hands? You add colour to them as well!

Meet KORRES nail colour in Blueberry and Spring Lilac, both from the Lilac Cool pack available now at pharmacies.

Let me get something straight here - this ain't no nail tutorial. Still here? So, here's my two cents on doing a reverse french mani:
  1. Chose two colours of the same hue, it sorta looks more put together this way.
  2. Do two coats of the light one. Lights always need two.
  3. Don't drink coffee before doing the dark line.

What? Did you expect round stickers and shit? Nope, those fuckers were done freehand baby.

That's why you'll only see my left hand in this post. Cause I'm right-handed and, well, you know...

And if Spyros doesn't mind, why should you?


Mairyliscious said...

nice color !!!

Vivika said...

Lovely spring colours!

Alessia said...

χαχαχαχαχα, καλο Λοπακι!!! Well done!

Call me M said...

Don't drink coffee before doing the dark line. hahaha nice tip.
To'xw kanei kai egw arketes fores teleutaia to anapodo galliko, kai paraxeneutika me to poso eukolo einai telika na kaneis tis grammes xwris autokollita klp...kai akoma kalitero apotelesma! Mou arese poli! Bravo! :)

Inspiration partout said...

Really nice colours!!!!!

laura said...

beautiful spring colours!! I love them!!

Unknown said...

vintage comment alert (!)

ο σπύρος σου κλέβει τη παράσταση, ΛΟΠΙΤΑ!!! <3

ΧΧ x-queen b.

Fashionable Rose said...

i love this combination of colors!! so cute :)