Tuesday 17 December 2013

Calvin Klein, in your face

There are some brands that never pop up first in your mind when you think "make up". 

I guess Kalvin Klein is one of them. Too bad, as their quality shouldn't be ignored, especially around this season, when we are all out there looking for new war paint to get through the holidays.  It was about this time last year that I received this set of toys, and it only seems appropriate to post them right about now.

A red lipstick is always welcome in my beauty case. This one has a tiny amount of shimmer in it, which I haven't decided yet if I like or not. Actually, I am thinking of doing a mega red lipstick testing post this holiday season, so I'll be back with a more precise review on this.

I usually reach for my beige/brown/taupe eyeshadows blind-folded. However, if there is one season in the year that I am willing to experiment with eyeshadow colour, this is it! Like I mentioned on this other post, I usually apply loud eyeshadow colours sparingly, drawing a simple line and occasionaly blending it for a smokey effect. Full blue eyelids is something I'm not prepared to do just yet.

Green eyeliner, oh yes. For a person (read: me) who has been drawing cat-eye flicks on their eyelids for the past 5 years, any change that will save me from my boredom is welcome. This colour looks way less harsh that black - perfect for when you are going for a daytime look - and really compliments dull brown eyes like mine. A surprise winner!

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