Friday 27 December 2013

Holiday shopping at McArthurGlen

Well, you didn't think holiday shopping was over after Christmas, did you? First of all, the tradition here in Greece is that we exchange presents on New Year's Day instead of Christmas. Second of all, we have all these days - or should I say nights - of festive outfits still left to take care of, so keep scrolling for the lovely shoes, accessories and dresses I found during my latest visit at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, and some very helpful tips at the end.

First stop: Kalogirou
For the foreign readers out there (hi folks) let me enlighten you: Kalogirou is like the Neiman Marcus of Greece, but for shoes only. And they also make their own brand high-quality shoes! Now imagine all that, but also in greatly discounted prices. Sweet!

So here's what tickled my fancy:

Kalogirou green suede classic pumps. I am so in need of such a pair of sensible but lady-like heels.

Glamourness my gawd! Feng Shoe maroon peep-toes, 100€ down from 199€ and in my size.

For those of you complaining there is never anything good available in the most popular sizes, I found this simple black wedge by Jimmy Choo in 38. However, I cannot guarantee for how long it will be there.

And also for those of you who liked my "pony skin" animal print pumps, this is a great look-alike! Again by Kalogirou, 119€ down from 329€

Second stop: Accessorize
Accessorize always bring out my playful side, and their McArthurGlen branch allows me to endulge in this urge without breaking the bank. However, I'm still banging my head on the wall for not getting this white feather headband above.

Or this royal blue one. Blue compliments any red perfectly.

When I say playful, I'm not kidding. Cute panda bear ring anyone?

And of course, a slightly more demure choice, bacuase we are grown-up after all. I think.

Third stop: Toi&moi
Ok, Toi&moi is slowly and stealthily gaining the title of my favourite McArthurGlen shop ever. It has great choice of stuff every single time I go in, carries most sizes and always offers big discounts on the original retail prices. A win-win-win situation, if I might say so.

The pumps above were less than 20 euros. Small price to pay for such chic footwear.

Excuse the face, mind the jacket. Looks like high fashion, but for a fraction of the price.

Another pair of super high and super affordable heels, in one of my favourite colours ever and with great snakeskin-print and lace detailing.

This is definitely on the short side of my hem repertoire, but I loved the colour so much I had to give it a go.

Fake black-and-white leopard fur. All you need is red lipstick.

Another pair of amazing heels in bright blue. Seriously, I went in craving dresses and the heels ended up stealing my heart!

This red shift dress was the thing I couldn't leave behind! Expect to see it in an outfit post anytime soon.

And this was an experiment on super-short gingham and over-the-knee boots. Not for me, but good I got it out of my system.

So, now that I've showed you my finds, let me also share my three valuable McArthurGlen shopping tips:

1. Arrive early. Shops open at 10:00am, so if you hate lines and not finding your size, be beat the other shoppers and be there at around that time.

2. Keep an eye for offers. Many shops give you extra discounts or gifts when you spend over a certain amount. For example, last time I was there, Oxford Company was running a "get an extra 20% off your buys when you spend over 100€" and Toi&moi gave away one free accessory when you spent over 50€. I got this amazing black perspex double ring seen above. Keep an eye for stickers or posters on the window displays and next to the registries advertising such offers.

3. Get the free map. Seriously, it's not just for first-timers there. There are so many shops in McArthurGlen, I guarantee you will forget to visit a couple you planned to and will regret it as you leave.

Happy holiday shopping!

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